Integrate WooCommerce and Amazon Seller Account with WP-Lister

One of things I try to do more (and better) on my WooCommerce websites is to automate my work with external marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. I like to update things once and let the process begin..

Up until recently, I managed my WooCommerce store and my Amazon seller account separately, when I uploading products to Woocommerce, I created a feed for Amazon and uploaded it manually, for each update of product data  (keywords, bullet points, images, etc) I manually created and uploaded a feed again.. It’s time consuming syncing my inventory, amazon orders and to create merged sales reports from Amazon and wooCommerce.

This was a lot of tedious, time-consuming manual work on a daily basis.. But, All this is over now! I started working with WP-Lister for Amazon, a wooCommerce extension from the guys in WP Lab. This great premium plugin ($99 but currently Introductory price of $69) allows you to manage Amazon listings from WooCommerce with automatic uploads/updates. You can import Amazon orders into wooCommerce, send tracking info to Amazon, close the orders and much more! Since Amazon seller account.

The plugin works smoothly, they are still on Beta, but it seem that the developer is very serious and spends a lot of time in learning how Amazon API works, I had some issues setting up the plugin on my store, especially with products that I send to FBA and Matt from WP Lab was professional, he provided a Superior customer service and solved all my problems!

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