Country Based Restriction Pro

The Country Based Restriction (CBR) uses the WooCommerce Geolocation and allows you to restrict products and payment gateways based on the customer country.

$79.00 / year

An annual license entitles you to 1 year of support and updates. Your subscription will renew automatically each year until canceled.

Version: 2.8
Last updated: 2021-04-19
Tested with WordPress: 5.7 / WooCommerce: 5.2.2
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Why use this Extension?

  • Restrict products to sell based on the customer country. (i.e Product X only for US Customers and product Y only for Europe)
  • Display product variations based on the customer country (i.e Variation X only for US Customers and Variation Y only for Europe)

Key Features

GeoLocation Detection

We use the WooCommerce Geolocation to detect the customer shipping country, if the visitor is a logged-in customer, we use the latest shipping country.


Catalog Visibility

Control the visibility of the your products to customers from restricted countries, you can hide the restricted products completely or keep them visible but non-purchasable, hide prices and more…

Product Restrictions

Add country restrictions to products, choose if you want toto include or exclude and select the countries you want to apply the restriction rule.


Debug Mode

Enable a debug mode to display a toolbar on the store front-end, visible only for store admin and displays the detected country by the CBR plugin.

Country Detection Widget

The country detection widget will display the detected shipping country and allow customers to change the address while browsing your catalog.


Catalog Restrictions rules

Create bulk restriction rules based on the product category, tag, attribute or shipping class and avoid the repetitive work of adding restrictions to products.

Payment Gateway by Country

Show different payment options to your customers on Checkout, based on their billing or shipping country.


Bulk import Restrictions

The CSV importer allows you to import country restrictions to products from CSV file to easily add or update country restriction rules to your products.