View as Customer for WooCommerce

The plugin does not have any settings, once installed a VIew As Customer menu will appear on the WordPress admin bar in the frontend of the store and will allow to switch to view the store as any customer. To switch back to the admin account, admins will need to log out from the customer account.

From: $39.00 / year


An annual license entitles you to 1 year of support and updates.
Buy with confidence! 100% No-Risk 14 Days Money-back Guarantee.

View as customers adds a menu to theWordPress admin bar to allow store admins to view the store frontend and account area as the customer.

The View as Customer for WooCommerce allows the store admins to easily search customers by name or by the emails address and switch to view the frontend and account areas as any customer that is registered and has account on the WooCommerce store and to view the store and customer account area as the customer is seeing them. This helps to view the customer account area and perform actions on behalf of a customer, the plugin allows to easily support your customers when they have an issue with their account and view your store the same way thge customer is seeing it.

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