Advanced Shipment Tracking Pro

Easily add tracking information to orders and provide your customers an easy way to track their shipments! AST provides powerful features that help WooCommerce stores to manage and automate their post-shipping workflows, reduce time spent on customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

$99.00 / year

An annual license entitles you to 1 year of support and updates. Your subscription will renew automatically each year until canceled.

Version: 1.0.3
Last updated: April 01, 2021
Tested with WordPress: 5.7 / WooCommerce: 5.1.0
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The most powerful shipment tracking solution for WooCommerce store

Powerful features to help you manage WooCommerce order tracking and automate the post-shipping workflow.

Add tracking numbers to orders

Easily add tracking information to your orders, AST lets you add the tracking from the WooCommerce orders admin or from a single order admin, you can also update the order status to Shipped when adding the tracking information.


Add tracking numbers per item

Add Tracking numbers to orders and attach them to line items, you can also split line item quantities and to add tracking numbers to specific line item quantities. The tracking per item info will display to your customers on the shipping confirmation email notification and on the View Order Page.

CSV import tracking numbers

You can bulk import tracking numbers to from CSV files and avoid the repetitive work of adding tracking numbers into orders, AST provides a quick and easy interface to import multiple tracking numbers to orders in bulk from a CSV.


300+ Shipping Providers & Carriers

AST comes with a list of 300+ shipping providers (carriers) with a predefined tracking link so your customers can get direct tracking when they track their orders on the shipping provider tracking page.

Sync Shipping Providers

Sync the shipping providers list and keep the tracking links and info up-to-date with any changes on the carriers websites.

Add Custom Shipping Providers

Create your own custom shipping providers list, you can set a custom name, tracking link and image.

White Label Providers

Customize the predefined shipping providers and create a white label tracking experience to your customers.

API Name Mapping

Map the shipping provider names when you use any third party services to generate the shipping labels and they use a different name than AST.

Shipment Tracking API endpoint

The plugin adds a shipment tracking endpoint to the WooCommerce REST API. You can use this endpoint to update the tracking numbers and fulfill your orders from external systems.


Shipping Services Integrations

Built-in Tracking integrations with many shipping services, AST will automatically add the tracking info to the shipment tracking meta fields when you generate shipping labels with ShipStation, WooCommerce Shipping, Royal Mail Click & Drop, and more..

Customize the Tracking info widget

You can fully customize the fluid responsive tracking widget that will display on the order notification emails, and the View Order page on the order customer accounts.


Optimize Your Fulfillment Workflow

Enable custom order statuses to streamline your fulfillment workflow, use the Partially Shipped to notify your customers when part of their order was shipped, use the Shipped status to notify your customers that their entire order is shipped (and keep the Completed order status for virtual orders that you do not ship)

Customize the email notifications

Use a customizer with a live preview to customize the Partially Shipped, Shipped and Updated Tracking custom order status emails. Remove unnecessary order information from the emails and display only the relevant information for and a way to track the order.


Built-in integrations

AST Pro comes with built-in integrations with ShipStation, RoyalMail Click & Drop, WooCommerce Shipping and more allows you to fully automate the fulfillment workflow.

Compatible With Popular WooCommerce Plugins

Built in Compatibility with Custom Order Numbers plugins, PDF & Invoices plugins, Shipping Services plugins, SMS plugins, and more...


TrackShip Integration

AST comes with a free TrackShip integration which integrates TrackShip into your WooCommerce Eco-system. TrackShip auto-tracks your shipped orders until they're delivered to the customer and proactively updates your WooCommerce store with live shipment tracking events and updates, automates your orders flow, reduce the time spent on customer service and keeps your customers happy and informed.

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Customers love AST

Plugin does his job nicely. A lot of shipment providers to choose from and easy and complete configuration of custom tracking. Fully translatable. The best – I still can see old tracking codes from Woocommerce Shipment Tracking.


While the need for adding shipment tracking in a status mail seems simple enough, WooCommerce does not come with it out of the box. This plugin does the job perfectly – not only for adding Tracking number, but even select the shipping carriers to auto-populate the tracking link.


This is a powerful plugin with many excellent customizable features. It is also fairly easy to setup and integrate with WooCommerce. The end result is better Shipment Tracking and communication with customers!


This plugin is exactly what i needed to add tracking info to orders. Rather than sending the customer an email with tracking info. This plugin is very essy to use and i recommend it for your woocommerce site.


It’s fantastic! It actually automatically picks up the shipping info from our clickship and beautifully integrating into our shipping email and sending the info to our customers automatically. Great job!


Fantastic plugin & Lightning fast support, This is one of the those rare plugins, which is frequently updated and support is top-notch! It's easy to use and whenever there is a update and a bug occurs, the support is fast to care of it and release new updates of the plugin. Highly recommended!




The most powerful shipment tracking plugin for WooCommerce.


  • Add tracking numbers to orders
  • 300+ Shipping providers & carriers
  • Add custom shipping providers
  • Shipment Tracking API endpoint
  • CSV import tool
  • Customize the tracking display
  • Custom order statuses
  • TrackShip integration


The complete toolset for managing and automating the post-shipping workflow

$99 / year

Buy now

Everything in Starter, and:

  • One install
  • One Year of Updates & Support
  • Tracking per item
  • Fluid Responsive tracking widget
  • Custom order status "Shipped"
  • Custom email templates
  • Multiple API name mapping
  • Unfulfilled orders filter
  • Auto-detect shipping providers
  • Integrations with ShipStation, WC Shipping, Royal Mail Click & Drop and more..

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