Who are we?

zorem (meaning: flow in Hebrew) is an Israeli-based e-Commerce agency that specializes in providing fully-integrated E-commerce solutions and store, plugins and apps development by leveraging our extensive expertise with both WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify platforms.

Since 2008, Zorem has been solely focused on E-commerce, and during this time we owned a few online shops, and gained hands-on experiences in doing e-Commerce and today, working with our clients so we can offer services that go beyond Web development and deployment to assist with ongoing site management/operations, conversion optimization and online marketing to help brands, retailers and merchants maximize their return on investment.

Why choose us?

At Zorem, we consider ourselves to be “wizards of WooCommerce and WordPress,” and as a result, have a deep understanding of the E-commerce world, and all its facets. Also unique about our company is that we’ve owned and operated our own online stores—which has provided us with practical experience of successfully managing and marketing our own E-commerce websites.

For more than 10 years, from the business, technical and execution aspects, we have been dealing in the construction, management and marketing of E-commerce websites—making us experts in the entirety of the E-commerce lifecycle which includes:

  • Product display methods, pricing, catalog navigation.
  • Launching and management of marketing campaigns
  • Handling of orders, shipments and multi-warehousing
  • Managing customer service and customer retention processes
  • Creating APIs for system integration, payment processing and deferral solutions

With years of experience in the field of E-commerce, from characterization, planning, designing and developing of platforms for E-commerce, to providing one-to-one business support and designing sale strategies, to sales oriented management and marketing—we specialize in supplying smart, practical E-commerce solutions to all forms of virtual stores and businesses.

At zorem, we believe that no project is the same as its predecessor, and as such enlist all our experience and expertise to provide personalized, custom solutions coupled with far-sighted planning, target-oriented development and providing for special needs and requirements—all with full, active cooperation with our clients.

We don’t just build Web sites, we build E-commerce solutions that work for you!


Zorem espouses the idea that E-commerce is an integral part, a necessary component for the maximizing of the potential of any business providing a service or a product. As such, every Zorem website is planned and built to provide an impeccable customer experience—one that manifests itself in the growth of your sales and the success of your business.

No matter the project scope, in all its stages—be it redesigning, upgrading or building from the ground-up, we have the tools, expertise and experience to perform any task, all while putting an emphasis on smart integration with all your management systems. As a result, our goal is one that always allows you to focus on managing your business to its fullest potential. Overall, we see ourselves as one of your strategic partners, and will closely accompany you, step-by-step, until your goals are reached.

Quality and innovation

What makes a quality business, that envisions and executes on delivering an excellent customer experience or journey, is the ability to stay consistently up-to-date with industry-related innovations and advise on such upgrades accordingly. Zorem is unique because, as a team that solely specializes in Internet commerce, we’re grounded in our desire to be positioned at the cutting edge of trends in online development and design—that provides our customers with exposure and access to any new feature or idea that can lift your online store and give it an edge over its competitors.

We believe that the quality of a Web site is not measured by the capital invested in its construction, but by a trend of its consistent growth and profit. Thus, when we turn to the development of a commercial Web site, we place a strong emphasis on a precise and detailed work process that streamlines every stage of development/execution in order to match the end-product to your needs and exceed your expectations.

Personalization and limitless creativity

At zorem, everything starts with the flow of creativity. Every member of our staff is an expert in their field, where client active projects receive, at all stages of development, our best efforts, both professionally and creatively, so your business will stand out and fulfil its purpose in the best possible way!

Further, our approach is never to offer a “one size fits all” solution, and instead embrace the opportunity to provide thoughtful, customized solutions to each of our clients. Our strong commitment to our clients is the main value upon which our company stands! Every zorem customer receives personally, customized service offerings that are designed to fit their unique needs, and are packaged as an effective and creative solution that will take your business beyond the next level.

We invite you to receive a development and service experience that will launch your commercial website forward!

Best regard,

Eran Shor, Founder & CEO

The Team

Eran Shor
Owner & CEO

Hitesh Patel
e-Commerce Developer

Gaurav Patel
e-commerce Developer

Kuldip Patel
Web Developer