zorem is the maker of Advanced Shipment Tracking, TrackShip, Sales Report Email, and many others. We are experts in WooCommerce and Shopify, we know these platforms inside and out and we leverage our hands-on experience to create smart WooCommerce plugins, SaaS products, Shopify apps and integrations that enable eCommerce businesses to maximize automation and efficiency while running their online stores.

Our products focus on a great performance and provide great value, both from our code and their impact on your bottom line, we use the latest development trends and best practices to create plugins that help individuals and companies to automate their eCommerce and to maximize efficiency. We love simplicity and intuitiveness, so all of our plugins are user-centric and designed to be easily set and configured.

The Team

Eran Shor
Founder & CEO

Hitesh Patel
e-Commerce Developer

Gaurav Patel
e-commerce Developer

Kuldip Patel
Web Developer

Nik Patel
Web Designer