What’s New in AST PRO

Today, we released a new version of AST Fulfillment Manager, the new version includes some great new features like the WooCommerce Product Vendor compatibility

Improved fulfillment dashboard

We launched the unfulfilled orders dashboard a few versions ago, on this version we polished the UI and added a few improvements to allow you to take action and easily manage the fulfillment workflow, you can filter the unfulfilled orders by an order number, customer name, tracking number, shipping method, we added compatibility with PDF invoices/packing slip plugins and we also plan to add a built-in option to print packing lists and slips


Shipment Tracking API Improvements

Get Tracking info – We added support for tracking per item to the Get Shipment Tracking endpoint, now you can pull the tracking per item data from the Shipment Tracking API endpoint.

WooCommerce Product Vendors compatibility

It’s been a long time since we wanted to add this compatibility so multi-Vendor marketplaces could enjoy AST’s features, it became much easier to implement once we launched the unfulfilled orders dashboard.

Since WooCommerce Product Vendors overrides the WooCommerce templates and does not allow to add the shipment tracking functionality to the vendors’ interface, we bypassed this issue by giving the Vendor user role permission to see all their unfulfilled orders in the fulfillment dashboard, add tracking and fulfill the orders.

Vendors can add tracking information from the edit order page and from the unfulfilled orders in the fulfillment dashboard.

Example of a partially fulfilled order (vendor view)


Unfulfilled orders (vendor view):


Shipping Services integrations

In this version, we added tracking integration with ShippyPro, 3plwinner, EIZ Logistics, and DianXiaomi, enabling the integration from the AST Fulfillment Manager settings, will automatically grab the tracking number that these services add to the WooCommerce order notes API and will add the tracking information to the Shipment Tracking meta.


We added compatibility with the following WooCommerce plugins:

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro

When both AST fulfillment manager and WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugins are active, we will show the custom order number in the custom email templates of the completed status, Partially Shipped and Shipped.

YayMail Pro

We added full compatibility with the YayMail Pro, you can now customize the custom email templates using the YayMail email customizer plugin.

WooCommerce Email Template Customizer by VillaTheme

We added full compatibility with the WooCommerce Email Template Customizer by VillaTheme, you can now customize the custom email templates using the VillaTheme email customizer plugin.

What’s next with AST PRO?

We are working on a new improved email customizer, order taggings, additional integrations, Pick Lists and PDF packing slips, you can check out the AST roadmap here.

If you have ideas on what you would like to see in the next version and beyond, we would love to hear your feedback!

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