Automatically Add Tracking Info to AST from ShipStation


Many ShipStation customers contacted us lately and asked to add integration between the Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) to the ShipStation Integration plugin and when a label is created on ShipStation, to automatically add the tracking information from ShipStation into the Shipment Tracking order meta instead of to the order notes,

So, I am happy to announce that we just launch the ShipStation Tracking Add-on for AST for AST. This add-on integrates the ShipStation plugin with AST and when you create a shipping label on ShipStation and the plugin updates the shipping information back to WooCommerce, the add-on will automatically populate the tracking information into the shipment tracking order meta fields and the Shipped (Completed) order email will include the Tracking information and your order will be sent to track on TrackShip (if you use the service.)

Don’t forget that the carrier name that you get from ShipStation must match the provider name on AST’s Shipping Providers list, otherwise the tracking link will not be generated, if you see that the names are different, copy the name that is added from ShipStation and navigate to AST’s shipping providers list, search for the provider, click on edit and add the name you get to the API Name field and save, this will map the shipping provider names.

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