Automatically Add Tracking Info to AST from ShipStation

if you are using the WooCommerce ShipStation Integration plugin to ship your orders and to get the tracking numbers and you also use the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin to manage the shipment tracking, you probably want to automate the process and to automatically add to AST’s Shipment Tracking meta fields when you create a shipping label on ShipStation.

In order to set the automatic process, you need to edit the core files of the WooCommerce ShipStation Integration plugin.

The ShipStation Integration plugin, first updates the order status and then offers a hook that AST can use to add Tracking information to the order but since the ShipStation plguin first updates the order status before we can hook into it, the tracking info will not appear in the shipped order emails and if you are using SMS for WooCommerce or TrackShip the tracking info will trigger to Trackship automatically and will not added in Shipped order SMS. 

We are working to solve this issue with the ShipStation plugin developer, meanwhile, Use the following code to the ShipStation integration plugin to automatically add tracking information into to the AST’s Shipment Tracking order meta when you create a shipping label on ShipStation:

Navigate to woocommerce-shipstation-integration > includes > api-requests and 

Look for a the class-wc-shipstation-api-shipnotify.php file, create a backup of this file and copy the code below and add it on line number 337.

We contacted ShipStation to do this change in their plugin. They will be update this code in their next version of ShipStation plugin.

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