WooCommerce: Automatically Restore Stock on Refunded or Cancelled Orders

If you use the Inventory Management option in Woocommerce, each order will decrease the stock level for products, depending on what quantity of the stock was purchased. However, when you wish to refund an order or when a customer cancel an order, the stock level will not increase and the shop manager needs to manually restore the stock on the product or order admin pagea.

Automatic re-store of cancelled/refunded orders could save you time specially when you run a big woocommerce store with large inventory and/or when processing large number of orders.

WooCommerce Auto Restore Stock will automatically restore your WooCommerce inventory/stock for refunded or cancelled orders. The inventory/stock restore is triggered when the order goes from on-hold, processing, completed to either cancelled or refunded status. When WooCommerce Auto Restore Stock restores the inventory/stock it will also add order notes to the order in question to show the adjusted values and to indicate that inventory/stock was restored.

One thought on “WooCommerce: Automatically Restore Stock on Refunded or Cancelled Orders

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    Jane Ong says:

    Hi! Thanks for introducing this great plugin! I am facing an issue though and wondering if you have a solution.

    Assuming I have a total stock count of 10, after a customer placed an order, the stock count is 9.
    If I change order status from Processing to Cancelled, the stock is increase by 1 (stock count of 10), thanks to the plugin.
    However, if under certain circumstances the order status is change from Cancelled to Completed (stock is not decreased) and then a Refund is issued, the stock is increase by 1 again. The stock count is now 11.

    The stock count is more than the stock we have initially. Do you have a solution to this?


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