Why I Use ManageWP to Maintain my WordPress Sites

I am using ManageWP for the last year or so, it makes my life easier, I use their premium service, it’s totally worth the time I Save!

So, Why ManageWP is so great?

manageWP is a super-easy (5 min install+integration) dashboard where you can manage multiple WordPress sites. ManageWP allow you easy installs, updates and management of Plugins and themes, You can create automatic backups and run effortless upgrades without the hustle of stumbling from one site to the other.A One-click Access allows you to enter all your sites from one dashboard. (Say Goodbye to lost passwords!)

Another great BIG time saving feature is the option to clone entire sites and copy or move them around, you can easily move your WordPress store move to a new hosting, create test environment, Move Production Site to Live Server, and more..

If you operate more then 2-3 WordPress sites and want to efficiently manage your network, you should  sign up for ManageWP >>

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