Use WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite to Easily Maintain your Store Catalog

One of the most difficult tasks when running an eCommerce site is to maintain your catalog, there are many things that you need to change frequently and things you want to improve – Product descriptions, images, variations, stock status, prices, SEO  and much more.

Changing your catalog can be a tedious work that takes a lot of time, resources and Energy, especially when you maintain more then one store or large catalogs. Use WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite for a fast & easy Store catalog updates.

This extension makes your life easier, you can Import and export both products and variations into a CSV file, make your changes in bulk and upload the file, ans that’s it! Everything is taken care of at once!

Another great use of this extension is to create/export CSV feed files that can be used to maintain your catalog on shopping compression, affiliates, marketplaces or any other websites/services that have the option to upload products feed to sync your catalog.

Pros – saves time on catalog management, works with almost any fields, create feeds for other services,  and from version 1.0.3 the WordPress SEO by Yoast meta fields were added!

Cons – There is no way to create feed templates for export (i.e create and save different feed formats by service: SEO maintenance exports, Amazon export, etc), Another Highly desired feature is the option to schedule the feed (and feed templates) to run on a regular basis and ftp or upload to DropBox the feed file..

Overall, if you run a store on WordPress WooCommerce, do not hesitate, purchase this extension, play with it a bit, export your catalog, see how the data looks in the file, change some data in the file and upload, now check your products to see the changes and let me know what you think.

Do you have a tip about managing catalogs in WooCommerce or for using the Product CSV Import Suite? need help with this extension setup? leave a comment below and let us know or Tweet about this post and let us know!

1 thoughts on “Use WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite to Easily Maintain your Store Catalog

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    Jennifer says:

    Do you know of any WooCommerce plugins that will allow for product export to CSV and then push that file out to an FTP location?

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