How to Setup Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking in WooCommerce

When you a Woocommerce shop, you will need to be able to easily insert Google Analytics tracking and to insert Facebook ads, Adwords or any other remarketing or tracking code to your website pages.

One way to do it is by using a few plugins, each provide different functionality:

The second option (and maybe the easier one) is to work with Google Tag Manager to generate your tags without the need to install three different plugins, you will not need to ask a developer to change tags again; Google’s user-friendly tool lets you manage your website and tags on the spot. So you can focus on marketing, not coding.
In order to integrate the tags to your Woocommerce shop, install the Google Tag Manager plugin for WordPress and Follow the instructions in the plugin documentation “how To” articles in order to set any kind of tracking.

After setting your tracking codes, you can use the Tag assistant chrome addon to check that the tracking codes are set on your site.

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