How To Set Up Local Pickup on Your WooCommerce Store

BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick Up in Store and with the current coronavirus pandemic, with lockdowns forcing retail stores to close their doors and consumers need to keep social distancing for safety, in-store local pickup has become vital for many businesses to survive.

The WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method allows shop owners to offer in-store pickup to their customers. The problem is that WooCommerce treats local pickup orders the same as orders that you ship to customers and when a local pickup order is ready, your customers will receive the same order confirmation email as if the order was shipped.

WooCommerce doesn’t offer a built-in option to have a custom email subject, header and to add pickup instructions when it’s a local pickup order.


We were thinking on ways we can help WooCommerce businesses to continue to succeed during these uncertain times and how WooCommerce stores can provide a better shopping experience to their customers.

So, we developed the Advanced Local Pickup plugin. This lightweight plugin provides a solution to manage the fulfilment flow of the local pickup orders, it adds two custom order statuses for the local pickup fulfilment process, set up the pickup location information, address, work hours, and special instructions. You can also customize the pick instruction display on the emails that customers receive.


After a customer has selected to pick up their order and completed their purchase, you can mark the order status as “Ready for Pickup” and the email notification with the pickup instructions will be sent to your customer. When a customer is picking up their order, you can change its status to Picked up.

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