Customize the WooCommerce Emails with Kadence Email Designer

Transactional emails are a key piece of your store fulfillment process, and as a store owner, they are your main communication channel with your customers. These emails update your customers on their order status and details, provide valuable information about shipping and returns, and they are also a great opportunity to interact with your customers and encourage repeat sales.

WooCommerce provides built-in transactional emails that are sent to your customers based on the order status or when they register to account on your store:

  • New Order – Sent to the store admin to notify them of a new order placed on their site.
  • Cancelled Order – Sent to the store admin to notify them of a cancelled order.
  • Failed Order – Sent to the store admin to notify them of a failed order.
  • Order On-Hold – Contains order details after it’s placed on hold.
  • Order Processing – Sent after a completed payment; contains order details.
  • Order Completed – Sent to customers when their orders are marked completed; indicates that the order has been shipped.
  • Order Refunded – Sent to customers when an order is refunded.
  • Customer Invoice – Sent to customers; contains order information and payment links.
  • Customer Note – Sent when a customer note is added in the dashboard.
  • Password Reset – Sent to a customer after they request to reset their password.
  • New Account – Sent to the customer when they create a customer account.

WooCommerce comes with a generic email template and you customize the emails content on WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. You can edit the recipients, email subject, header and content, you can also some basic design options to choose your logo, colors and footer content.

Since the the content and information you display on your WooCommerce emails helps build customer trust, using your own colors, fonts, and custom content is a important to provide a consistent customer experience and help you build your brand.

On this screencast I will show you how to customize your WooCommerce emails using the Kadence WooCommerce Emails Customizer which is a great email customizer plugin for WooCommerce and the Fluid responsive email template they offer for free when you register in their site.

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