Create WordPress Shortcode to display Websites Screenshot Thumbnails

I was searching for a way to show screenshot preview of sites in WordPress instead of uploading images, this way, if a site changes, It will show the updated version, extremly helpful when you have a directory that needs to be updated (less maintanance…)


function wpr_snap($atts, $content = null) {
		"snap" => '',
		"url" => '',
		"alt" => 'Image text',
		"w" => '400', // width
		"h" => '300' // height
	), $atts));

	$img = '<img src="' . $snap . '' . urlencode($url) . '?w=' . $w . '&h=' . $h . '" alt="' . $alt . '">';
	return $img;
add_shortcode("snap", "wpr_snap");

Than add this to your theme code or to any post/page

For more detailed information check out:


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