Control Your WooCommerce Editorial WorkFlow with EditFlow

Managing your catalog can be a frustrating thing, you can work with files to import/merge products data but eventually there is always editorial and QA “fine tuning” to do in a product level. This is a frustrating process, you can hire a freelance to help you but there is always tons of things to remember when inserting/editing a product in your woocommerce store and it’s really hard to keep truck and control the freelancer work..

One of the reasons that I love Woocommerce is due to the fact that I can use many WordPress plugins that were initially made for bloggers to manage my eCommerce operations, one of my favorite plugins is Edit Flow.

This (free) plugin allows you to easily manage your content editorial, collaborate with your team, it comes with custom statuses, Editorial calendar, editorial comments, notifications and more, all to make it much easier for your team to collaborate within WordPress.

so, can this plugin help me ,manage my Woocommerce editorial flow?

YES. you can set it to work on products, you can create a calendar of posts and products (or any other custom post type), you can create a “Checklist” for new products, you can also leave editorial comments on products, assign a product and set notifications for when this products status changes.

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