Backup, Share and send large files with DropBox

How many times have you found yourself in a need to send a large file, and ended up using burned CD’s or Flash Memory? Cloud and file transfer tools allow you to have a private network or to share large files in a very easy way.

Dropbox is a simple yet, very powerful cloud file backup and sharing service. you can use it without any special knowledge of computers or internet. Dropbox helps in handling and sharing large files/documents. Dropbox provides 2GB storage for free and extra 250MB for every every friend you invite and register. If you are a heavy user and need more space, you can check out their premium plans.

After you create a Dropbox account, and install it on your computer, it will create a folder named Dropbox that its content will sync with their website and with others that you choose to share data with. Any file you save to the Dropbox folder on your computer, will automatically be in sync with all of your computers that have this application installed. Dropbox makes it super easy to share with others, super easy way to work with suppliers, freelancers or as a small network between your desktop, laptop and/or ipad.

If you just need to move one time large files that are more than the free 2GB that you get from Dropbox, use zeZebra, file transfer application with a great looking interface that lets you transfer large files in a simple and easy-to-use way. It enables you to send files of any size to any person. zeZebra doesn’t store your files on their servers, they don’t know what your files contain, and no one but you and your receivers (with your permission) can view them. It’s a closed circle between you and whoever you share your files or media with.

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