AutoComplete Your WooCommerce Orders

If you sell virtual products like services, you probably will prefer to skip the processing status, WooCommerce automatically completes paid orders of Virtual & Downloadable products, but it does not autocomplete Virtual Orders.

If you sell Virtual products that are not downloadable, you probably want to skip the Processing order status and automatically set paid virtual orders as Completed

In some case, you sell physical and virtual products on the same store and you already use the Completed order status for your shipped orders. in this case, you can set a Custom Order Status for your Completed Virtual Orders and automatically set paid Virtual orders to that Custom Order Status.

Another scenario is that you do not want any of your orders to autocomplete or that you want all your paid orders to autocomplete, including the Virtual & Downloadable orders.


The Advanced Order Status Manager plugin lets you easily create Custom Order Statuses and to control which paid orders skip the “Processing” status and are automatically completed. The plugin provides options to choose which orders to autocomplete:

  • Virtual & Downloadable (Default)
  • Virtual Orders – orders that contain only Virtual products will be automatically completed.
  • None – no orders will be automatically completed (block WooCommerce from autocomplete the Virtual & Downloadable Orders) 
  • All Orders – all paid orders, will be automatically completed.

In addition, you can choose to which paid order status to set the autocomplete orders so you can create optimized orders flow for your store.

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