4 WordPress Plugins to improve your workflow

Grab & Save

Grab & Save WordPress plugin allow you to use image from remote url and save into your own WordPress media library. By doing so, you never worried if the remote image was removed by its owner. This also save you steps to download the image to local computer and upload again to your own WordPress.

Download Grab & Save Plugin

Featured Image Column

This plugin has no options. It simply adds a column before the title (far left) in the admin posts panel thet show’s the posts featured image if it’s supported and/or exists.

Download Featured Image Column plugin

Color Admin Posts

Change the background colors of the post/page within the admin based on the current status : Draft, Pending, Published, Future, Private. The color change is achieved with a colopicker. After you install, go to settings --> Color Admin Posts and set your colors…

Admin Post Navigation

This plugin adds “<< Previous” and “Next >>” links to the “Edit Post” admin page, if a previous and next post are present, respectively. The link titles (visible when hovering over the links) reveal the title of the previous/next post. The links link to the “Edit Post” admin page for the previous/next posts so that you may edit them.

Download Admin Posts Navigation plugin


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