Tracking Per Item Add-on

The Tracking per item extends the Advanced Shipment Tracking and allows you to attach tracking numbers to line items and to line item quantities.

$59.00 / year

Attach Tracking information to specific products

When adding tracking info to orders, you can choose which line item quantities to attach to each tracking number. The tracking per item info will display on the customer order emails and my-account.


Display tracking per item on the Shipped order emails and my account

The related products and quantities will display next to the tracking information on the Shipped (Completed) order emails.

Import Tracking Per item from CSV files or with the API Endpoint

You can bulk upload Tracking Per item to orders from CSV files or you can use the Shipment Tracking API endpoint to update tracking per item from external systems.


Display related products for each shipment on TrackShip’s Tracking Page

if you use TrackShip, the tracking per item will display for each shipments on the tracking page.

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