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zorem is a practical ecommerce agency that specialize in creating smart Ecommerce solutions using WordPress and WooCommerce.

We develop web sites, blogs, shops, custom integrations, multi warehousing fulfillment, amazon & eBay and other marketplaces accounts management and much more.

WW also do eCommerce, We’ve are the founders and owners of a few ,eCommerce websites; TrendyLegs.com, Coolil.com and others. we know what it means to operate an eCommerce site and the entire process from grounds up and We have practical experience in the entire Ecommerce lifecycle, from the idea to creating business strategy, design, development, marketing, logistics, fulfillment and maintenance.

We do not just build online shops, We create smart Ecommerce shops that are build with practical perspective from a real Ecommerce entrepreneurs. I also serve as Ecommerce Director for Zoharatights.com, managing their worldwide online operations.

In our blog we feature resources, tips, practical advices, how to guides, plugin recommendations and more from people who actually do Ecommerce,

If you want some one-on-one Ecommerce Strategy then you can contact me for a 15 minutes free consultation.

Follow our journey on twitter @zoremcom and Facebook.

Eran Shor

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