Advanced Shipment Tracking is compatible with many WooCommerce plugins and services, There are usually Two types of compatibility options:

1. Compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins:

  • Plugins that programatically add tracking information to orders (e.g. shipping label plugins, drop-shipping plugins, fulfilment plugins…)
  • Plugins that programatically retrieve the tracking information from orders (e.g. SMS plugins, PDF invoices…)
  • Store WooCommerce management plugins (e.g. email customizers, custom order numbers, custom order status plugins…)
  • Marketplace plugins or Multi Vendor plugins

2. Compatibility with external services that use the WooCommerce Rest API:

The WooCommerce Rest API is used to by external shipping services to update orders with tracking information once they’re shipped and to mark their status as Completed.

Most of these services just add the tracking info to the order notes.