Advanced Shipment Tracking is compatible with many WooCommerce plugins and services, There are usually Two types of compatibility options:

1. Compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins:

  • Plugins that programatically add tracking information to orders (e.g. shipping label plugins, drop-shipping plugins, fulfilment plugins…)
  • Plugins that programatically retrieve the tracking information from orders (e.g. SMS plugins, PDF invoices…)
  • Store WooCommerce management plugins (e.g. email customizers, custom order numbers, custom order status plugins…)
  • Marketplace plugins or Multi Vendor plugins

2. Compatibility with external services that use the WooCommerce Rest API:

The WooCommerce Rest API is used to by external shipping services to update orders with tracking information once they’re shipped¬†and to mark their status as Completed.

Most of these services just add the tracking info to the order notes.