Advanced Order Status Manager

The Advanced Order Status Manager (AOSM) allows store owners to manage the WooCommerce orders statuses, create, edit, and delete custom Custom Order Statuses and integrate them into the WooCommerce orders flow and to streamline their orders flow to fit any business model or fulfillment workflow.

$49.00 / year

An annual license entitles you to 1 year of support and updates.
Buy with confidence! 100% No-Risk 14 Days Money-back Guarantee.

Manage All Your WooCommerce Order Statuses

Import Custom Order Statuses created by custom code or by other plugins and manage all your WooCommerce Order Statuses on one centralized view. You can drag & drop the statuses on the list to have a clear view of your custom orders flow.

Customize the WooCommerce Core Order Statuses

The Order Status Manager will display a list of all the core WooCommerce order statuses, you can customize the core statuses label name and colors. You can also customize the imported Custom Order Statuses.

Create Custom Order Statuses & Notification Emails

Setup unlimited Custom Order Statuses to fit your fulfilment orders flow, fully control the custom status options, add it to actions menus, include in reports and more, you can also enable email notification and customize it using email customizer.

Safely Delete Custom Order Statuses

When deleting custom order statuses or when deactivating the plugin. We will detect if there are orders with the custom order status that you delete and let you assign them to other order statuses.

Skip Processing and Autocomplete Orders

Choose which orders to autoComplete, Virtual & Downloadable, Virtual Orders, All Orders or do not autocomplete any of the orders, in addition, you can choose to which paid status to set the autocomplete orders.

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