Country Detection Widget

The Country Detection widget is a WordPress widget that you can use in widget areas in products, categories and using a shortcode you can place the widget anywhere on your store.

The widget will display the detected shipping country and will allow your store visitors to change their shipping country.

Setup the Country Detection widget

Go to admin  Appearance > Widgets. then find Country Detection widget and select section to add widget in sidebar or footer sections.


Customize the Country Selection Widget:

  • Country detection widget – Customize the Widget for front-end
    • Label Text
    • Widget Border Color
    • Widget Background Color
    • Widget Font Color

Customize the Country Selection Pop up Lightbox:

  • Country detection widget Lightbox – Customize the Widget light-box for front-end
    • Header Text
    • Text before Country selection dropdown
    • Text After Country selection dropdown
    • Lightbox Background Color
    • Background Color 

Then, you can see widget on frontend.


How to set up widget using short code?

If you want setup widget using short code. so, you just need to put a below short code.

You can use a parameters in short code: label

Short code: [cbr_location_widget label=’Delivery to ‘]

If you want to add only Country select dropdown. so, you need to use just below short code in your template file.

Short code: [cbr_select_countries_widget]