Bulk Product Restrictions

The Pro version lets you bulk restrict products by the product category, tag, attribute, shipping class and and you can also import restrictions from a CSV file without the need to edit your products one by one.

Create Bulk Product Restriction

The Bulk Product Restrictions will let you set restriction rules that will apply to all products from a category, tag, attribute or a shipping class, you can even set one restriction rule for all your stores products. This is useful when you need to restrict many products and you want to avoid setup restriction rules manually one by one. The bulk restrictions will also apply to any new product that you will add to your store.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Country Restrictions > Bulk Product Restrictions

You can set multiple rules, enable and disable rules, delete them and duplicate rules.

Restriction rules options:

Note Рthe rule name, this will be used for admin purposes only

Restriction type – include or exclude selected countries.

Select countries – select the countries to apply the restriction rule, you can choose multiple countries.

Restriction By – choose the restriction type:

  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
  • Product Attributes
  • Shipping Classes
  • Global – all products

Select (Categories, Product Tags, Product Attributes or Shipping Classes) – Choose the product category to apply the restriction rule, you can choose multiple values.