The CartRover tracking integration automates your fulfillment workflow and allows you to save time on manually copying & pasting the tracking numbers from the WooCommerce order notes into the Shipment Tracking panel. 

When you set up the WooCommerce integration with CartRover, you can select how CartRover will update the WooCommerce API with the tracking information when you generate shipping labels for WooCommerce orders.

Please choose the 4th option – Extension Shipment Tracking:


The integration will automatically grab the tracking information into the shipment tracking order meta. The order status will automatically update to Shipped (Completed) and the tracking information will be added to the email notification that is sent to your customers. If you use TrackShip, the tracking info will be sent to TrackShip as well.

Please note: The integration will work automatically once you install the AST PRO plugin.

Map the Shipping Providers Names

In some cases, CartRover may use a shipping provider name that is different than the name in AST’s Shipping provider list, in this case, you can map the shipping providers by editing the provider name and adding aliases.

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