Running a Easy & Effective Giveaways with Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter recently launched to everyone after being invitation only beta for a few month, this great tool allows you to create and run a giveaway on your site without the hassle of thinking how to collect opt-in data and track engagement.
Rafflecopter is the easiest way to create, run, & enter online giveaways.You can launch a giveaway in 3 minutes and it’s designed to help bloggers and online retailers to run a pain-free giveaways that collects likes, tweets, blog posts and the most important, email addresses (Yes, this is still the most effective conversion source …)

Rafflecopter allows you to moderate and export the enrtries to excel files and you can use it to integrate your giveaway leads. The tool does not integrate with Mailchimp (or other email marketing services) and this is something that could make it much better, You can state in your rules that when entering the contest that the user is automatically subscibes to the newsletter but it would be nicer to have it as a build with points incentive, but, the option to export email addresses (collected automatically) allows me to send follow up emails to all the participants, announcing the winner and trying to make them engage with other incentives.

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