Ajax Login/Register for WooCommerce

Improve your WooCommerce shop UI/UX with the AJAX-powered login & registration process with no page refresh!


WooCommerce Ajax login/register is light-weight plugin for WooCommerce shops and changes the user login, registrations and lost password to use Ajax and jQuery validation with no page refresh and to avoid the standard WooCommerce login process that loads the page to display error messages and to provide your customers with improved UI/UX


  • Plugin does not have settings, just install and it will work.
  • adds jQuery validation and ajax to WooCommerce login / registeration.
  • adds jQuery validation and ajax to WooCommerce reset password form.
  • Functionality for manage WooCommerce registration password strength and update Password Error Message.
  • User can manage password strength from WooCommerce>Setting>Accounts & Privacy Tab.

Frequently Asked Questions


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