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Tracking Display Customizer

Click on the launch customizer to customize the design of the shipment tracking table display on the order emails and my-account section and preview of the live design changes

General Settings

  • Preview order – select from last 20 orders one order that you added tracking info in order to preview while you design the tracking info table.
  • Tracking display layout – choose from Table display or simple text display.
  • Tracking display position – before order details or after order details
  • Tracking Header – Shipment Tracking header text
  • Additional text after header – additional custom text to include after the main header.

Table Layout


Table layout Design

  • Display shipping provider name – display the shipping provider name in the table
  • Display shipping provider image – display the shipping provider image in the table
  • Hide the ship date – Hide the shipping date column form the tracking table display
  • Use tracking number as a link – this will remove the Track Button and its column from the tracking table

Table Headers

  • Hide Table Headers – remove the table header row from the table
  • Provider header text – change the shipping provider column header text
  • Tracking Number header text – change the Tracking Number column header text
  • Ship date header text – change the shipped date column header text
  • Track header text – change the Track button column header text
  • Font size – headers font size
  • Headers font color – headers font color

Table Content

  • Padding
  • Background color
  • Border color
  • Border size
  • Content Text align
  • Content font color
  • Content font size
  • Content line height
  • Content font weight

Tracking Link

  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Border Color

Simple Layout Design

  • Content – Simple Layout Design content
  • Content font size
  • Content font color
  • Show bottom border
  • Bottom border color
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