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Shipping Providers List

AST provides a list of more than 200 shipping providers (carriers) with a predefined tracking link. You can enable your preferred shipping provider, disable unused ones and set the default provider when adding tracking information to orders, You can also sync your list for up-to-date tracking link and information, add, edit or delete custom providers, edit the predefined provider and more, all from easy to use interface.

The shipping providers settings allow you to:

  • Filter Providers by Active/non active/custom/all
  • set active filter to be used when adding tracking info to orders
  • Search Providers by Country and Name
  • Set default shipment provider
  • Add custom shipping providers
  • Bulk Activate/Deactivate all shipping providers on the list
  • Sync the list with TrackShip
  • Edit the name and image of the predefined shipping providers.
  • Add API Name for shipping providers which you use in REST API

Add API Name

Add API Name for shipping providers which you use in REST API


Adding Custom Shipping Provider

If you can’t find your shipping provider on our list (Try to Sync your list first),you can add your own custom shipping providers, from the Shipping Providers list, click on the settings icon, and choose the “Add Custom Provider” option:


For each custom provider, you can add the following details:

  • Name – Name of your custom shipping provider
  • Shipping Country – Country list (option to choose Global)
  • Image – best to use 60px square jpg/png
  • Tracking Page URL – link to the tracking page on the custom provider website.

Set a tracking link to the custom provider

When you add a custom shipping provider, you can use the Tracking number from the order as variable in the tracking URL, if your providers requires Postal code and Country code, you can use them as well, they are taken from the shipping address on the customer order:

  • %number% – replace the tracking number in the URL with %number%
  • %postal_code% – replace the Postal code in the URL with %postal_code%
  • %country_code% – replace the shipping Country in the URL with %country_code%

Please note that it will only work if your shipping provider allow to concatenate the tracking number in their tracking page URL:


To get the following URL:

You’ll need to set the Tracking number parameter in the URL this way:

To get the following URL:

You’ll need to set the tracking number, postal code and country code parameters in the URL this way:

Sync the Providers List

From the top right settings menu, you can sync the shipping providers list. Click on the Sync Provider List, a lightbox will open with the sync option. The sync option will update the shipping providers, image and tracking link without chaning your list settings. When the sync process ends, it will display the updated providers.

You can also reset shipping provider database. if you choose to reset, the process will delete all the providers and will re-create the list, this will reset any previous settings.


Edit Shipping Provider Name / Image

In some cases, you do not want your customers to see the actual shipping provider that you’re using. AST lets you edit the shipping providers display name and image and to create your own white label shipping provider.

The custom name and image will display to the customers on the order emails and on the my-account area and if you’re connected to TrackShip, it will also display on the tracking page and on the shipment status emails.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Shipping Providers

Click on the edit button from the actions column for the shipping provider you wish to edit, add your custom name and upload your custom image image. To revert back to the original name and image, open the editor, clear the edited values and save.

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