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Setting Shipping Providers

We provide 100+ shipping providers that you can set to only display the shipping providers you work with in the providers options when adding tracking to orders.

You can hide unused shipping providers, set the default provider, add, edit or delete custom providers. All from easy to use interface.

The shipping providers settings allow you to:
  • Filter Providers by Active/non active/custom/all
  • set active filter to be used when adding tracking info to orders
  • Search Providers by Country and Name
  • Set default shipment provider
  • Add custom shipping providers
  • Bulk Activate/Deactivate all shipping providers on the list

Adding Custom Shipping Provider

if you wish to add your own provider, you can add the tracking number as parameter in the tracking URL, each shipping provider has tracking URL, some of them allow to concatenate the tracking number in the URL as a parameter. for example:


%number% – this is the parameter to use in the URL for the tracking number from the order. replace the tracking number in the URL from your carrier with the %number% parameter and use it in the custom provider link.

It might be that your custom shipping providers also requires country code and/or postal code in the URL. you can also use country code or postal code parameters in the URL, for example:


%postal_code% or %country_code%  – these are the parameter to use in the URL for the postal code and country code from the order. replace the postal code or country code in the carrier tracking URL with the %postal_code% and/or %country_code% parameters and use this URL in the custom provider link settings.

Sync Providers List

You can sync shipping providers by click on Sync Provider List. All updated provider will be automatically updated in your list. Then you can enable new added providers.

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