Shipment Tracking API

The WooCommerce REST API enable external apps use a set of API endpoints to read and write various parts of WooCommerce data. The AST plugin extends the WooCommerce Rest API and adds Shipment Tracking endpoints that allows to create, view, and delete shipment tracking information in orders.

To use the Shipment Tracking endpoint, you’ll need to generate a Rest API Key for your WooCommerce store. These API keys are the permission for external systems to connect with your store’s API.

The Shipment Tracking endpoint support following methods like get, post, delete and URL is<order_id>/shipment-trackings

Please note that shipment tracking endpoint works with WooCommerce API v1, v2, and v3. In the documentation, only v1 is shown. We are also compatible with official WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugin REST API endpoint – wc-shipment-tracking/v3.

Shipment Tracking Properties

These are the available meta field that can be used when updating the Shipment Tracking API:

API date format – in the plugin’s general settings you can select the date format that is received from the external service, (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY)

Add Shipment tracking

With this endpoint you can add new tracking info to orders:

Get shipment tracking

With this endpoint you can list all tracking info added to an order. You will need to pass order id and you’ll get respond with array of tracking numbers added to that order,

Delete Shipment Tracking

You can delete tracking numbers from orders, you will need to pass the order id and the tracking_id for this tracking number:

Postman example 

Please check screenshot for setup in postman.

Create new request and set method Post. Insert URL and in the Body section insert all the tracking information.


Than go to the Authorization section and select Type Basic Auth. Use REST API Consumer key and consumer secret in the username and password field and click on Send.


Support for older Shipment Tracking API endpoints

AST supports endpoints from older versions of shipment tracking API.


Please note: AST also supports the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking API endpoint: wc-shipment-tracking