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REST API Support

The WooCommerce REST API enable external apps us a set of Representational State Transfer (REST) API endpoints to read and write various parts of WooCommerce data such as orders, products, coupons, customers, and shipping zones.

The AST plugin adds the Shipment Tracking endpoints that allow you to create, view, and delete individual shipment tracking information in orders.

The shipment tracking endpoint URL slug: wp-json/wc/v1/orders/shipment-trackings

Shipment Tracking Properties (meta fields)

These are the available meta field that we create and can be used in the API:

Create a shipment tracking

With this endpoint you can add new tracking info to orders:

List all shipment tracking

With this endpoint you can list all tracking info added to an order. You will need to pass order id and you’ll get respond with array of tracking numbers added to that order,

Delete a shipment tracking

You can delete tracking numbers from orders, you will need to pass the order id and the tracking_id for this tracking number:

Create a shipment tracking per Item

If you are using Tracking Per Item Add-on you can add tracking info using Product SKU and Quantity, for detailed instructions, check the Tracking Per Item docs

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