Order Status Manager

The AST plugin allows you to rename the WooCommerce Completed order status to Shipped and to enable custom order statuses to optimize your fulfillment workflow.


Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped” – the Completed order Status in WooCommerce means that the order is fulfilled and no further action is required. This means for most stores that the order is Shipped.

Please note: If you sell a mix of Virtual and Physical goods, since AST and many other WooCommerce plugins already use the Completed order status and we just rename its label to Shipped, you can create a custom order status “Completed” and set your virtual orders to this status once a customer completes a virtual order

The WooCommerce Fulfilment orders flow


Custom Order Statuses

You can set each custom status font and label color and you can enable email that will be sent to your customers once the order is changed to that status.

  • Partially Shipped – The partially shipped status is for order which you send in a few separate packages or from different locations.
  • Updated Tracking – use this status to notify your customers when their order tracking tracking was changed after the order has been shipped.

the Advanced Shipment Tracking extends the WooCommerce Fulfilment orders flow:


The custom order statuses will be included in WooCommerce reports. We also add the option to change orders to these statuses from the bulk order actions in orders admin and single order admin.

Note – If you used the custom order status in orders, when you deactivate the AST plugin, You will need to register this customer order status to view these orders in the orders admin.  You can reassign these orders back to Completed order status or any other status when deactivating the plugin.

Customize the Custom Order Statuses Emails

  • Email subject – available variables: {site_title}, {order_number}
  • Email heading – available variables: {site_title}, {order_number}
  • Email content – available variables – {site_title}, {customer_email}, {customer_company_name},{customer_first_name}, {customer_last_name}, {customer_username}, {order_number}

Overwrite the custom order status email template in theme

From this section you can override the a custom order status template in their theme or child theme. If you override this template than it will not use any of the delivered email settings from the AST email customizer.


Reassign Custom Order Statuses when Deactivating AST

If you need to deactive the AST plugin and you have orders that are assigned to one of the Custom Order Statuses that AST created, you can reassign these orders to a different order status, otherwise, these orders will not display on your orders list.