How to customize the tracking info widget (Pro)

Advanced Shipment Tracking lets you personalize the tracking display on the order emails and my-account section. The tracking display customizer opens with a standard WordPress Customizer with a live preview.

To customize the tracking info widget, from the general settings of the Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin, under the Tracking info widget section, click on the customize button to open a customizer.

Customizer Options

  • Tracking info widget position – before order details or after order details
  • Hide widget header – hide the tracking info widget header
  • Tracking Header – tracking info widget header text
  • Tracking display layout – choose from Table display or simple text display.
  • Hide Shipping Date – hide the shipping date from the tracking info widget.
  • Additional text after header – add a special message under the tracking widget header.
  • Layout – choose between one or two columns layout
  • Border color – widget border color
  • Border radius – widget border radius
  • Background color – widget background color
  • Padding – widget padding

Track Button

  • Button Text
  • Button font size
  • Button color
  • Button font color
  • Button padding
  • Button radius
  • Expand Button – set the button to 100% width