How to Customize the tracking Info widget (Free)

The tracking information widget will display the shipping details and a tracking link on the Order emails and the View Order page (endpoint), you can fully customize the tracking info widget display on the order emails and the view order page in my-account.

The tracking display customizer opens with a standard WordPress Customizer with a live preview. To customize the tracking info widget, click on the customize tab on the main menu to open the customizer.

General Options

  • Tracking widget position – Choose if to display the tracking info widget before the order details (woocommerce_email_before_order_table hook) or after order details in the order meta (woocommerce_email_order_meta hook).
    Checkout the WooCommerce emails hook reference for more details.
  • Hide widget header – Hide Shipment Tracking header
  • widget header text – Shipment Tracking header text
  • Additional text after header – additional custom text to include after the main header.
  • Tracking display layout – choose from Table display or simple text display.

Table layout

  • Display shipping provider name – display the shipping provider name in the table
  • Display shipping provider image – display the shipping provider image in the table
  • Hide the ship date – Hide the shipping date column form the tracking table display
  • Use tracking number as a link – this will remove the Track Button and its column from the tracking table

Table Headers

  • Hide Table Headers – remove the table header row from the table
  • Provider header text – change the shipping provider column header text
  • Tracking Number header text – change the Tracking Number column header text
  • Ship date header text – change the shipped date column header text
  • Track header text – change the Track button column header text
  • Font size – headers font size
  • Headers font color – headers font color

Table Content

  • Padding
  • Background color
  • Border color
  • Border size
  • Content Text align
  • Content font color
  • Content font size
  • Content line height
  • Content font weight

Tracking Link

  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Border Color

Simple Layout

Content – the Simple layout option lets you compose the tracking info display content using custom variables:

  • Shipping date – {ship_date}
  • Shipping provider name – {shipping_provider}
  • Tracking Number Link – {tracking_number_link}

For example:

{ship_date} | via {shipping_provider} – {tracking_number_link}

will display:


You can customize the tracking message content:

  • Content font size
  • Content font color
  • Show bottom border – show horizontal separator after each tracking number.
  • Bottom border color