General Settings

The Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin settings can be found on your WordPress admin under:

WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking


Set the “mark as shipped” option checked when adding tracking info to orders – choose this option to set the “mark as shipped” option checked by default when you add tracking to orders.


Display tracking information on order status email – choose on which order status email you would like to display the tracking information. We will also detect Custom Orders Statuses that are set on the store.

Display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu – choose on which Order status to display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu.


Display Track Button on Orders History – This option will display the Track action button on the WooCommerce account area on the orders history list endpoint.

Open the tracking link in a new tab – You can set the Track action button link to open in a new tab (target_blank). In case that you added multiple tracking numbers to thew order, the tracking link will direct the customers to the View Order page.

My account > Orders – track order (actions column):


My account > Orders > View Order display:


PRO Options

  • Enable Unfulfilled Filter on orders admin – this will display Unfulfilled Filter in the orders admin, you can use it to filter all the order which are not Shipped.
  • Enable Shipping Providers Auto-detection (Beta) – this will allow to auto-detect the shipping providers when adding the tracking numbers to orders.
  • Enable Legacy add tracking panel when editing orders – this will disable the Lightbox add tracking model and will enable the standard add tracking panel in the edit order admin