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  • Enhancement – Add API Name column to the shipping providers. User can use use API name for the providers lookup when adding tracking information through REST API
  • Enhancement – TrackShip tracking page – added option for add custom URL as a tracking page
  • Enhancement – Added a option in AST settings to select API Date Format
  • Dev – Removed the shipment status Counts from the WC orders filter and added option in TrackShip for remove shipment status filter from orders page
  • Enhancement – Tracking Per Item – Added Settings Option in the AST general settings – Display products SKU in add tracking form
  • Enhancement – Change the Tracking # input to be first in the add tracking form
  • Dev – Added Default colors for Custom Order Statuses
  • Dev – Added and Updated API Endpoint
  • Enhancement – Updated Shipment Tracking and TrackShip page settings
  • Dev – Remove the Add Tracking from action menu for completed order status
  • Enhancement – On deactivate plugin check if order in custom order status and give option to reassign that order to different order status
  • Fixed – Tracking Page – Events CSS issue
  • Fixed – Fixed rtl issue of settings page
  • Enhancement – Added admin message for review


  • Dev – Added compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Dev – Added compatibility with Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce Pro plugin.
  • Enhancement – Updated design TrackShip tab if TrackShip is not connected
  • Enhancement – Added an option add display name in custom providers
  • Enhancement – Added a separate TrackShip menu if TrackShip is connected
  • Fix – Fixed warning ‘register_rest_route was called incorrectly. The REST API route definition for wc/v1/orders/(?P[d]+)/shipment-trackings/providers is missing the required permission_callback argument’ for WordPress version 5.5
  • Enhancement – Updated the settings page design


  • Fix – Fixed fatal error when changing status to delivered
  • Fix – Fixed email content issue in TrackShip late shipments email


  • Enhancement – Updated the design of TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Shipping Providers edit image lightbox and change label
  • Enhancement – Updated design of shipping providers list
  • Enhancement – Change CSV Import label
  • Enhancement – Improve search shipping providers functionality
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Trackship tools
  • Enhancement – Custom Order Status auto save on change enable/disable, Color, Font color and Enable email
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip tracking page settings
  • Enhancement – Updated Order status and shipment status email customizer
  • Fix – Fixed jQuery.live() in shipping_row.js


  • Enhancement – Added Pending Trckship option in shipment status filter in orders page
  • Enhancement – Added option for Edit shipping provider name and image
  • Enhancement – Trackship tracking page added functionality for show origin tracking details and destination tracking details
  • Enhancement – Add Re-Order button in my account single order page for custom order page – Delivered, Partially Shipped, Updated Tracking
  • Dev – Added parent class in paging class in shipping providers list page
  • Dev – Added Error message instead of error code in shipment status box in orders list page and single order page for TrackShip
  • Fix – Fixed issue with bulk import with Partially Shipped


  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom order number generated by Booster for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom order number in TrackShip tracking page
  • Dev – Moved Tracking Per Item addon license from this plugin to Tracking Per Item addon
  • Enhancement – Change default background color of tracking display table to #f5f5f5


  • Fix – Fixed license error for Tracking Per Item Addon User


  • Dev – Removed Tracking Per Item Addon license activation code AST and moved to Tracking Per Item Addon


  • Fix – Fixed error on Add Tracking button on orders page
  • Fix – fixed issue with On Hold customizer
  • Enhancement – Remove TrackShip shipment stats change text before tracking info table from all shipment status emails


  • Fix – fixed delivered order status email customizer issue
  • Fix – fixed TrackShip tracking page jQuery Block UI issue for some of the themes


  • Enhancement – Updated CSV Upload page design in settings page
  • Enhancement – Updated TrackShip dashboard page design
  • Enhancement – Added On Hold Shipment status emails for TrackShip
  • Enhancement – Redesign Shipping Providers List in settings page
  • Enhancement – Added option for hard sync shipping providers in Sync Providers option
  • Dev – Updated plugin code for better security and optimize
  • Dev – Removed compatibility code for WC – APG SMS Notifications from plugin
  • Dev – Added all shipping provider image under wp-content/uploads/ast-shipping-providers folder. So load shipping provider image from there
  • Dev – Optimized all shipping provider image
  • Dev – Added new functions for add tracking information and get tracking information
  • Dev – Removed all kind of special character validation from adding tracking number
  • Fix – Fixed issue of set order status shipped from order details page when “mark order as shipped” without page refresh
    Localization – Updated Swedish, Turkish and French Translations

  • Dev – When user disconnect Trackship and connect again than Trackship enable automatically
  • Fix – Removed custom order status from the Documents tab of WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin if the custom order status is disabled
  • Dev – Removed WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin compatibility code from the plugin
  • Enhancement – Added option for hiding Tracking Header in tracking display customizer
  • Dev – Change return URL of shipment status customizer, so it will return back to the notifications tab

  • Enhancement – Update TrackShip link on WordPress dashboard and on the AST settings page
  • Fix – Responsive issue of the shipping provider list
  • Enhancement – Added shipping providers filter dropdown in the orders page
  • Fix – Fixed warning – Undefined variable: trackship_supported in plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 1056
  • Dev – Remove query SHOW TABLES LIKE ‘wp_shipment_batch_process’
    * Dev – Added compatibility with Yith custom order numbers plugin
  • Enhancement – Added option for remove tracking info from Customer note emails

  • Dev – Fix slow load issue of WordPress dashboard because of TrckShip Analytics dashboard
  • Fix – Fix custom order number issue with Sequential Order Numbers Pro in bulk import
  • Fix – Fix issue with search orders with tracking number in orders panel

  • Dev – Limit get orders to 100 on TrackShip tools page
  • Fix – version 2.9.8 rollback

  • Fix – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null in /home/jh1ua38qa95m/public_html/store/wp-includes/query.php:28 Stack trace: woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-settings.php(444)

  • Fix – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_items() on bool in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php:328


  • Enhancement – Added new option for create new order status shipped not just rename, so user can use completed and shipped both order status for virtual orders and Local Pickup shipping method
  • Enhancement – Set tracking number field focus on orders ans single order page
  • Enhancement – Update TrackShip link on WordPress dashboard and on the AST settings page
  • Dev – Limit get orders to 100 on TrackShip tools page


  • Fix – fixed issue so trackship_supported column adding in shipping providers table and based on that use carrier website as tracking link if TrackShip not sot supported


  • Dev – Added trackship_supported column in shipping providers table and based on that use carrier website as tracking link if TrackShip not sot supported
  • Dev – Added custom order number compatibility in TrackShip tracking form
  • Dev – Remove dot validation in tracking number
  • Dev – Remove dot and underscore validation from Bulk Upload trackig information
  • Enhancement – Added Order Id in Inline Tracking Form
  • Enhancement – Remove Add Tracking button form orders action if order status is On Hold, Failed , Cancelled, Ready for Pickup and Picked up
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip dashboard


  • Dev – Pass custom order number generate by custom order plugin in TrackShip
  • Dev – Remove underscore validation in tracking number
  • Dev – Updated code of add_tracking_item() function so it will take current date as date shipped if it’s blank
  • Enhancement – Added validation message in Tracking page if order id not found
  • Enhancement – Added adin notice message for Advanced Local Pickup for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fix – Fixed warning Undefined offset: 0 in [path]wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesclass-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-settings.php on line 542


  • Enhancement – Edit button visible always in shipment status notification section in Trackship
  • Dev – When TrackShip shipment status change to delivered change order status to delivered only if order status is Completed(Shipped)
  • Fix – Fix php warning in TrackShip tracking page ‘Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array’
  • Fix – Mobile issue of Shipping provider image in TrackShip tracking page templates


  • Fix – Bulk import csv issue


  • Fix – Bulk import csv issue


  • Enhancement – Added product code field in tracking info form for this shipping provider – Post Haste,Now Couriers,Dx Mail and Castle Parcels
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Dev – Added compatibility with custom order number functionality for Booster for WooCommerce plugin
  • Dev – Added On Hold shipment status for DHL Us shipping provider
  • Fix – Tracking display customizer doesn’t load in Enfold
  • Fix – Notice: Undefined variable: value in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 1624
  • Fix – Duplicate tracking in simple layout tracking info in my-account orders page


  • Dev – rename update tracking, partially shipped and delivered order status we will use that update order status name in Bulk action dropdown in orders page
  • Dev – Added functionality to override tracking info email template in theme
  • Enhancement – Update Tracking display customizer link
  • Dev – Updated functionality for Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin for custom order numbers in bulk import tracking info
  • Fix – NZ Couriers shipping provider, the conditional fields are missing on add tracking form
  • Fix – Duplicate tracking in simple layout tracking info
  • Fix – Undefined index: simple_layout_content in /woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 1604


  • Enhancement – Added functionality for add product code in add tracking info form if the provider is NZ Courier
  • Enhancement – Added message in Shipment tracking page if the Trackship is not connected
  • Enhancement – Updated sidebar addons image
  • Enhancement – Redesign Shipment Tracking Customizer
  • Fix – Fixed issue in tracking display customizer table background-color


  • Enhancement – Add editable text for simple layout in tracking info customizer
  • Dev – Added Rest API v3
  • Localization – Updated language translation files
  • Fix – undefined variable $tracking_info_settings in emails/plain/tracking-info.php
  • Fix – Fixed issue in WooCommerce app – unable to fetch Shipping providers


  • Enhancement – Added “Date” in simple layout tracking display format
  • Enhancement – Updated date format for bulk import from dd-mm-YYYY to dd/mm/YYYY
  • Dev – Added missing plain email template tracking-info.php
  • Dev – Updated sample CSV file for bulk import


  • Dev – Added compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WPML
  • Dev – Migrate customizer data from theme_mode to option
  • Fix – Undefined index: date_shipped in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/api/v1/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-rest-api-controller.php on line 520
  • Fix – Undefined index: date_shipped in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/templates/emails/tracking-info.php on line 259
  • Fix – Undefined variable: th_column_style in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 827


  • Localization – Added language support for Dutch / Nederlands
  • Enhancement – Added functionality for Late Shipment admin notification
  • Enhancement – Added option for choose date format for CSV import
  • Dev – Added hook in orders details email template – ‘wcast_email_before_order_table’ and ‘wcast_email_after_order_table’
  • Dev – Updated TrackShip status emails logic – if the shipment status changes to one of the tracking numbers, send only this tracking number in the email notification
  • Fix – validation issue in shipment tracking page


  • Dev – If custom provider has no tracking link remove URL from tracking number
  • Fix – Fixed issue with tracking page in settings, display save button when trackship tracking page disable
  • Fix – Fixed error with kadence customizer in completed email


  • Dev – Updated licensing system for AST Tracking Per Item Add-on


  • Fix – Fixed error ‘Call to undefined function SMSWOO()’ in settings page


  • Dev – Added compatibility with Sequential Order Numbers Pro
  • Enhancement – Added Indonesian shipping carriers
  • Enhancement – Added SMS for WooCommerce section in Add-ons tab in settings
  • Fix – Fixed issue with tracking url ‘&#038’ in custom shipping provider


  • Enhancement – Updated New Zealand Post and CourierPost shipping provider image
  • Enhancement – Added success admin notice for review


  • Dev – Added functionality for Bulk import tracking info per item for Tracking Per Item Addon
  • Dev – Added functionality for add tracking info per item for Tracking Per Item Addon
  • Enhancement – Updated New Zealand Post shipment provider logo


  • Enhancement – remove Front js and css from every page and load only on tracking page
  • Fix – tracking page date issue with WP settings format
  • Dev – Updated TrackShip tracking page API functionality
  • Localization -updated translation files for all language


  • Updated settings page sidebar design
  • Updated all supported language files
  • Fixed issue with shipping provider not showing and not adding custom provider
  • Fixed fatal error in customizer
  • Fixed responsive issue of custom status settings


  • Added functionality for all time send partially shipped email when added tracking info and mark as partially shipped
  • Added new layout of tracking page
  • Updated design of TrackShip and tracking page tab
  • Updated design of custom status settings
  • Updated design of Shipping Providers list
  • Updated Trackship date format in shipment status column based on WP settings
  • Updated orders list in Tracking display customizer and added filter for tracking added
  • Updated Tracking display customizer
  • Updated design of Add-ons tab
  • Updated default text of Partially Shipped and Updated Tracking order status email
  • Fixed issue with shipment status email subject/headers/content, If it will be blank than take default text


  • Added new simple template for display tracking info in email and my account
  • Added new custom order status “Updated Tracking” and created email for that
  • Updated design of Custom order statuses in settings page
  • Updated design of Tracking Status display on orders list and single order page
  • Fixed AST Tracking Per Item license validation issue
  • Fixed Warning: array_merge(): Expected parameter 1 to be an array, null given in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 2969
  • Fixed Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 2982


  • Updated Japan Post Tracking Link, if shipping country is not Japan than add language en in link
  • Removed email field from Tracking Per Item Add-on section
  • Removed dash validation from bulk upload csv/API
  • Fixed RTL issue in Tracking info table
  • Fixed issue with Delivered status color when WooCommerce Order Status Manager plugin is active


  • Added Add-on for Tracking Per Item
  • Added functionality for search by tracking number in orders admin
  • Added functionality so “Shop Manager” user role can manage AST settings
  • Updated Spanish language translations
  • Updated ebay meta field
  • Removed validation for dash from adding tracking number


  • Fixed issue in edit and delete custom shipping provider


  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.3
  • Added functionality for bulk upload from tools tab in settings for “Please do connection” status orders
  • Updated functionality if shipment status is “Carrier Unsupported” than use carrier tracking page instead of trackship tracking page
  • Updated German language translation files
  • Change the success message after “Get Shipment Tracking” bulk actions


  • Updated Italian and Swedish language file
  • Change Partial Shipped to Partially Shipped
  • Fixed issue – Undefined variable: responsive_check in delivered order email
  • Fixed issue in Bulk upload CSV that after upload through CSV all are showing as unsupported carrier in TrackShip
  • Fixed issue in Rest API that after upload through CSV all are showing as unsupported carrier in TrackShip


  • Added Twilio SMS Notifications plugin compatibility with Order status message so user can add tracking details in order status message
  • Added Twilio SMS Notifications plugin compatibility with TrackShip so user can send shipment status change SMS to users
  • Added language support for Portuguese.
  • Fixed issue with Delivered shipment status email enable/disable
  • Fixed warning with Sync Providers functionality


  • Added another option of 2 for partial shipped to the Bulk upoad CSV and API to the “Status Shipped” parameter
  • Added validation message if issue in bulk upload CSV file
  • Updated Swedish translation files
  • Updated demo Bulk upload Tracking CSV file
  • Fixed issue Tracking info is showing on emails even if it’s disabled in settings


  • Added Mark as Partial Shipped checkbox in add tracking form if Partial Shipped status is enable
  • Updated functionality of Partial Shipped status settings


  • Added new order status Partial Shipped
  • Added email variable – ‘{customer_company_name}’
  • Added Tools tab in settings page if TrackShip is connected and add Bulk Get Shipment Status section in that
  • Updated – Allow trigger sending tracking to TS on custom order statuses


  • Added functionality for APC Overnight tracking provider replace ‘+’ with space in postal code in tracking link
  • Fixed issue with “Try TrackShip for Free” ToolTip message
  • Fixed issue with WP All Import WooCommerce Addon


  • Added admin menu tooltip message of users which is not connected with TrackShip
  • Added settings link in plugin
  • Updated TrackShip Dashboard widget
  • Update “Order Details” string in order details email template
  • Updated custom provider slug function
  • Fixed issue with customizer enable/disable delivered order status email


  • Fixed warning – Undefined index: page in advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 208
  • Fixed warning – Undefined index: action in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-front.php on line 714
  • Updated “On which order status email to include the shipment tracking info?” on plugin update shipped order status is automatically select


  • Added TrackShip analytics widget in admin dashboard
  • Added tracker balance and current plan in TrackShip tab
  • Updated translated string in language template file
  • Updated “On which order status email to include the shipment tracking info?” option in settings tab
  • Fixed issue with Divi theme
  • Fixed issue with RTL in settings and tracking page


  • Added Bulk Actions section in TrackShip tab
  • Updated design trackship connection button
  • Updated settingd of Tracking Info Display customizer
  • Updated translation .pot file
  • Removed admin message for users which is not connected to trackship
  • Fixed design issue of tracking page for trackship for RTL
  • Fixed design issue of shipping providers list for small screen
  • Fixed warning – Undefined index: custom_tracking_provider


  • Added filter for change tracking provider name – “ast_provider_title”
  • Updated translation strings
  • Removed white gaps from settings / bulk upload bottom
  • Fixed design issue with WeDocs plugin


  • Added validation in tracking number for special character when add new tracking info in order and also in bulk upload
  • Added filter in Trackship tracking page text
  • Added functionality for add tracking info in custom order status emails
  • Added compatibility with – “WC – APG SMS Notifications” plugin
  • Added option for Hide tracking events details for TracksShip users
  • Updated Advanced Shipment Tracking settings page design

  • Fixed Delivered email qty issue with Kadence
  • Added compatibility with “SMS Alert Order Notifications – WooCommerce” plugin
  • Added functionality for add custom tracking provider from REST API
  • Updated Swedish language files


  • Fixed issue with tracking page
  • Added functionality of add order note when adding/deleting tracking information in order
  • Updated Swedish language files


  • Updated option to Send only last 30 days shipped orders to trackship from settings panel


  • Fixed issue with search
  • Fixed translabled string issue in delivered email
  • Added option to Send all shipped orders to trackship from settings panel
  • Updated Ebay meta key – ‘_ebay_extended_order_id’
  • Removed – limit bulk action Get Shipment Status to maximum 100 orders at one time


  • Fixed PHP Notice: Undefined index: DHL uk in pluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesclass-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-install.php on line 1560
  • Fixed – If Delivered Status is not enabled – do not change order status “Delivered” or to any other status (Pending right now)
  • Updated html class of add tracking provider lightbox in orders listing page
  • Updated – remove event grouping by status to display all events in trackship tracking page
  • Added – limit bulk action Get Shipment Status to maximum 100 orders at one time
  • Added description on select tracking page field


  • Fixed issue with TranslatePress plugin
  • Fixed issue in tracking page
  • Fixed issue if ts_slug field not created in database
  • Added compatibility with WP-Lister for eBay
  • Added hook for order number in tracking page


  • Fixed issue in tracking page for unknown status
  • Added PostNL International 3S,GLS Europe and Yun Express Tracking provider
  • In tracking url added two more parameter – %country_code% and %postal_code%
  • Updated code for add tracking item programatically
  • Updated tracking page endpoint
  • Removed Tracking URL validation for add/edit custom shipping provider and if not added tracking url than not display track button


  • Fixed Hermes World shipping provider issue
  • Fixed warnings Undefined index: Hermes Germany
  • Updated completed order status to shipped on “On which customer order status email to include tracking info?” is “Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped”” enabled


  • Fixed warnings in tracking page
  • Fixed error from customizer if WooCommerce uninstalled
  • Fixed date format issue in Bulk Upload
  • Addes Sync Providers List functionality for all users
  • Added Hermes World Shipping provider
  • Added option for “mark as shipped” will be selected by default when adding tracking info to orders
  • Added Shipment Status filter in order list panel
  • Updated Delivered orderemail customizer layout and Google analytics tracking
  • Updated tracking page design


  • Added “DHL Freight” provider
  • Added functionality when check connection store status if api key is not available in plugin than add it


  • Fixed – Trackship connection issue when trackship setting saved


  • Removed option auto change of delivered orders to completed when deactivating
  • Updated Royal Mail shipping provider logo
  • Fixed – Notice Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object


  • Fixed jQuery(…).select2 is not a function admin.js error


  • Added option Google Analytics link tracking in email customizer
  • Added option for adding and deleting tracking info in order from order list panel
  • Updated – Set Change the “Delivered” orders to “Completed” when you deactivate the plugin option default No.
  • Updated all language translation files
  • Updated design of settings panel
  • Removed Option “Retry api call for failed order” from TrackShip


  • Fixed – PHP Warning
  • Fixed – Unable to override customer-delivered-order.php template
  • Fixed – Sync Providers issues with images when adding new providers
  • Added details info of the changes after Sync Providers
  • Added “Change order to Shipped?” checkbox when adding tracking info to orders
  • Added “DHL Freight”,”Sendle” and “Deppon” shipping provider
  • Added Slug field to shipping providers table
  • Added ajax overlay in customizer refresh
  • Updated settings page design
  • Updated – When new provider added default status is inactive
  • Updated – added parameter in return url of tracking info customizer and shipping status email customizer so when close customizer directly go into particular tab
  • Updated – remove trim from tracking number when add tracking info to orders


  • Fixed – PHP Warning
  • Added 20+ new Shipping Provider
  • Updated design of emails section in customizer
  • Updated Shipment Status Notifications in TrackShip
  • Updated Shipping Providers List Design
  • Updated Correios, Mondial Relay
  • Updated Shipping Provider La Poste, Colissimo and Chronopost
  • Updated Shipping Provider DHL.at, DHL.cz, DHL.se, DHL
  • Updated TrackShip Tracking Page


  • Fixed issue with Kadence email customizer plugin
  • Fixed – Fixed PHP Notice: Undefined index: custom_tracking_provider
    Add Shipping Provider Mondial Relay as a default provider
  • Fixed delivered icon issue in order list action
  • Added option for which customer order status email user want to include tracking info.
  • Added option in tracking info customizer to display tracking info before order details or after order details.
  • Added Change order status to Delivered button in order preview popup if order status is complete
  • Added option in settings to enable/disable for show tracking info in Invoice/Packing Slips for compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin.
  • Updated Greek language translation
  • Updated design of shipment status email customizer


  • Created new order status “Updated Tracking” for TrackShip users.
  • Added action button in order list to mark completed order as delivered
  • Added settings so user can select that change all delivered order status to completed or remain same when plugin deactivate
  • Updated all language file for new changes


  • Update Track URL of CouriersPlease and IL Post
  • Create Shipment tracking when TrackShip connected


  • Bug Fixed – Fixed issue for subscription report.


  • Bug Fixed – Fixed front end design conflict issue with theme


  • Update Swedish language translation files
  • Change Delhivery tracking URL
  • Added functionality to change lable of “Complete Order” to “Shipped Order” in email setting page


  • Bug Fixed – Undefined index: class in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 741
  • Updated language files


  • Update design of email notification tab, Set toggle button in that to enable/disable email notifications
  • Update german language translation for “Track”
  • In Tracking info display customizer add settings for change table header text
  • Bug fixed – Fix typo issue in Bulk Upload tab
  • Make all text translatable in Bulk Upload tab


  • Teste with the latest version of WooCommerce
  • Bug fixed – YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote emails disappeared when installing plugin
  • Bug fixed – Call to undefined method WC_Advanced_Shipment_Tracking_Install::get_tracking_items() in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-install.php:660
  • Updated Swedish language translation files
  • Updated design of email notifications tab


  • Added Email recipient field in delivered order status email
  • Bug fixed – fixed several typos mistakes
  • Bug fixed – Shipment providers settings changed when doing version update
  • Bug fixed – if shipped date is null than it will take current date in bulk upload
  • Bug fixed – Undefined index: show_track_label in class-wc-tracking-info-customizer.php on line 202


  • Added An Post Shipping provider as a default shipping provider
  • Update minor design of shipping providers list
  • Bug Fixed – Frontend design issue
  • In Tracking Info Display designer added option for add label on Track
  • In Tracking Rest API Endpoint added option for Status shipped


  • Added TrackShip Integration
  • Added compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin
  • Added compatibility with Custom Order Numbers plugin to Tracking Rest API Endpoint
  • Added compatibility with Sequential order numbers plugin to Tracking Rest API Endpoint
  • Twick: Changed Tracking Display “Date” text to “Shipped Date”
  • Fix – Customizer did not load on Store Front & Bazar Shop Themes

  • Bug fixed – Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_billing_address
  • Bug fixed – Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_shipping_address
  • Bug fixed – Notice: Undefined variable: username
  • Bug fixed – Delivered order status email not sending when change order stats to delivered

  • Bug fixed – Undefined index: in /plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 671
  • Bug fixed – Tracking Info is not showing when using WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder

  • Bug fixed – Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined


  • Updated database for default shipping providers, remove duplicate entry of default shipping providers and add default shipping provider if not available.


  • Improved Customizer UI
  • Improved plugin settings UI
  • Added more design options to Customizer
  • Added Customizer option to change tracking table padding
  • Added Support for translation for all new plugin settings/options
  • Fix – variables not working in delivered email header in Customizer
  • Fix – delivered email customizer link directed to tracking display designer

  • Added functionality for remove white space from tracking number in tracking link


  • Updated add and edit custom shipping provider design
  • Change shipping provider name from DHL Logistics to DHL Parcel
  • Bug fixed – Sorting companies by country instead of country code
  • Added option to search by country in providers dropdown in order page
  • Remove tracking info to display from processing order,cancel order, refund order and on hold order.
  • Added functionality for customize Delivered order status email into customizer
  • Removed WooCommerce default email fro Delivered order status email
  • Changed URL of StarTrack shipping provider
  • In tracking info display customizer change preview order defaut test from ‘Mockup order’ to ‘Select order to preview’
  • Added functionality for remove white space from tracking number when added in order

  • Bug fixed – Added Save button in settings tab


  • Updated Email Notifications settings design
  • Updated add custom shipping provider design
  • Fixed issue of Hebrew shipping provider not added in orders
  • Added DHL Logistics Shipping provider as a default shipping provider
  • Fixed bulk upload issue – if shipped date is null than it will take current date
  • Added functionality for add multiple tracked into bulk upload for single order
  • Setup tracking info display customizer with live preview in email
  • Setup functionality for show Tracking Info only in completed order

  • Added DTDC Shipping provider as a default shipping provider

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed email template issue for WooCommerce Delivered order.


  • Update design of email notification section for small screen
  • Update design of bulk upload section
  • Make bulk upload compatible with Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin
  • Make bulk upload compatible with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers plugin
  • Make bulk upload compatible with WP-Lister Pro for Amazon plugin
  • Change Chronopost provider url in database

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed all php warnings
  • Bug Fixed – Fixed ArrowXL shipping provider country issue
  • Updated design of Bulk upload section

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed bulk upload csv issue

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed design issue in small screen

  • Added language support for Greek.
  • Bug Fixed – added missing translated strings text domains in js file.


  • language file updated.

  • language file updated.

  • Bug Fixed – Warnig when installing the plugin – Duplicate column name ‘enable’.


  • Added Turkish Translation
  • Minor admin css updates
  • Select Delivered Email Type – Changed to Ajax save when changing selection.

  • Bug Fixed – Email templated file override issue in theme
  • Bug Fixed – New email notification order status not show

  • Added WP Editor in email notification content
  • Added option for choose delivered email type – Default WooCommerce email or Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin email.
  • Added option for remove date from tracking info.
  • Added language support for Danish.

  • Added variable for Tracking Info Table in Delivered Email notification

  • Bug Fixed – Tracking info display table design in My Account page
  • Added Resend delivered order email notification to order actions (if set)
  • Added admin notice for information that “you can change (and preview) the style of the shipment tracking display on order email and customer account”

  • Bug Fixed – tiptip() is not a function.


  • Additional shipping providers + removed non relevant shipping providers.
  • Added option for change the style of tracking info display in email and my account.
  • Added functionality for Bulk upload shipment tracking details.
  • Added email notifications option in settings for delivered order.
  • Added Bulgerian language support.
  • Fixed “Delivered” status not included reports on non-english websites.

  • fix translation of date

  • Bug fix – Fix multisite issue


  • Setup Customer delivered order email if Custom order status – “Delivered” is enabled.
  • Updated swedish language


  • Added plugin compatibility with WordPress multisite.
  • Added language support for Swedish.


  • Bug fix – Fix translation issue for front page information such as tracking information, provider, tracking number, date, track button.


  • Added filter in get_providers function for shipping url


  • Improve functionality for add custom icon for custom shipment provider


  • Bug fix – Hebrew RTL with Ajax


  • Improved French Language Translation


  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Improved UI of Shipping Provider Table
  • Added option for change Delivered status label color
  • Added Norweign,Spanish,Hindi,Italian and Russian Language Support.


  • Add version in js file to fix cache issue


  • fixed. Language Issue


  • fixed. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare maybe_create_table()


  • improved UI.
  • Added funtionality of ajax for adding tracking number
  • shipping provider table css updated.
  • added settings to new custom order status ( Delivered ) and rename existing order status Completed to Shipped.


  • improved UI.
  • Added language support for French and German.


  • improved UI.


  • Added support for woocommerce shipment tracking official plugin.
  • Added rest api support.
  • improved UI.


  • Added Hebrew Language Support.


  • Initial version.
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