Pro Version


  • Enhancement – Make tracking info widget compatible in outlook
  • Fix – On My Account order details page do not open tracking lighbox if not connected to TrackShip


  • Enhancement – Added integrations with UPS Shipping Plugin (PluginHive), QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko), Ali2Woo, WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications and WC – APG SMS Notifications
  • Fix – Fixed Shipped order status email sent twice
  • Fix – Fixed Variation product issue when add tracking info with TPI through CSV/API


  • Enhancement – Added option to display shipping provider image in Tracking info display customizer
  • Enhancement – By default enable Integration option if relavant plugn is install
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Custom shipped order status is not change when add tracking information mark as shipped
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Custom shipped status, disabled shipped status if Rename the “Completed” Order status label to “Shipped” is enable
  • Fix – Added tracking widget header in fluid tracking info display


  • Launch it!

Free Version

  • Fix – Fixed issue with default shipping provider not automatically select on Add Tracking form
  • Dev – When user migrate from WooCommerce Shipment Tracking(official) to Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce plugin it will automatically migrate shipment tracking data
  • Fix – Fix search provides design issue for small screen on shipping providers list page
  • Dev – Improve TrackShip Tracking page design and make Estimate delivery date multilingual compatible
  • Fix – Fixed – Failed Attempt filter not working on orders page

  • Enhancement – Added datepicker on Add tracking lightbox on orders page
  • Enhancement – Removed the multiple API name option
  • Dev – Updated Admin html function

  • Enhancement – Update order details, Shipping address and billing address email template
  • Enhancement – Added admin notice and WooCommerce inbox message for Advanced Shipment Tracking PRO
  • Enhancement – Split Shipment Tracking customizer and TrackShip customizer
  • Fix – Fixed issue with the” Reset providers database” option in Synch providers

  • Enhancement – Updated Settings page header design
  • Enhancement – Updated TrackShip Settings page header design
  • Enhancement – Updated Email order details template for shipment status emails
  • Fix – Fixed Trackship shipment status customizer issue
  • Fix – Fixed database warnings on plugin installation


  • Enhancement – Updated Settings page design
  • Enhancement – Moved TrackShip menu to a new page under WooCommerce and updated its design
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1.0
  • Fix – Fixed Trackship Late Shipments variable issue
  • Fix – Fixed compatibility with PHP 8

  • Enhancement – Updated settings page option design from multiple checkbox to multiple select2
  • Dev – On first installation make 15 shipping provider active by default
  • Dev – On plugin activation check if shipping provider table column, if not exist any column create new and update the provider list
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0.0

  • Enhancement – Improved the TrackShip tools page design
  • Enhancement – Set pagination in shipping provider list when bulk Activate/Deactivate all providers
  • Enhancement – Improved the design of Shipping Providers list search bar
  • Enhancement – After adding custom shipping provider reload the page and sort the shipping providers list by custom provider
  • Enhancement – Add sub tab and notification type in settings page URL parameter
  • Enhancement – Improved the design of Documentation button in header of settings page
  • Enhancement – Improved the TrackShip shipment status email customizer and tracking page customizer
  • Enhancement – On Shipping provider sync with check “Reset providers database, it will reset all your shipping provider database” option delete the Shipping provider table and create again
  • Enhancement – Added back functionality for add only one API name in shipping providers list
  • Enhancement – On My account order details page if TrackShip tracking page is enable open tracking page in lightbox
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Addons page
  • Fix – Fixed shipment status filter bug in orders list page

  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom order status is not show in Order Email Display Add Tracking action settings

  • Enhancement – Improved the TrackShip tracking page customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Tracking tracking page
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip analytics widget on WordPress dashboard

  • Fix – Fixed Invalid user key in Shipment tracking section if TrackShip is not connected


  • Enhancement – Updated the Shipment Tracking settings page design
  • Enhancement – Updated the Shipping Providers listing page design
  • Enhancement – Moved the TrackShip settings inside Shipment Tracking
  • Enhancement – Updated the TrackShip settings page design
  • Enhancement – Changed TrackShip dashboard widget
  • Enhancement – Moved the TrackShip tracking page settings to customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated Add Tracking lightbox design on orders page
  • Dev – Removed delivered order status and moved only for TrackShip users

  • Fix – Fixed – PHP warning when tracking number added via API or an external source via ast_insert_tracking_number function


  • Fix – Fixed – Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-front.php on line 389
  • Dev – Updated REST API Endpoint for add tracking information if “custom_tracking_provider” is NULL passed in API
  • Dev – Added a validation Updated default shipping provider


  • Enhancement – Added a option for add multiple API Name for default shipping provider
  • Enhancement – Updated tracking page form design
  • Enhancement – Updated tracking page content if Trackship shipmet status is “Pending TrackShip” or “Pending”
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip section in Add-ons page
  • Dev – Updated Spanish translation files
  • Dev – On creating new custom provider added “cp-” prefix to the provider slug
  • Fix – Fixed deprecated warnin – Required parameter $tracking_number follows optional parameter $custom_provider_name


  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 5.6 and WooCommerce 4.8
  • Fix – Fixed license tab issue with ShippStation, WC Shipping, Ready To Ship and Paypal Tracking Addon


  • Enhancement – Improved the tracking info display customizer, custom order status email customizer and TrackShip shipment status email customizer
  • Enhancement – Added new PayPal Tracking Add-on
  • Fix – Fixed show Display shipping provider name and Display shipping provider image issue in Tracking Display Customizer
  • Fix – Fixed bulk import CSV Replace tracking information issue with Tracking Per Item addon


  • Enhancement – Added back Track button in actions column in My Account orders list page and added option in settings page to show /hide Track Button and open track button link in new tab
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Enhancement – Change defAult color of custom order status
  • Enhancement – Updated Tracking Info display customizer
  • Enhancement – Added a message if the shipment status is Pending TrackShip or Pending in TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Added a new TrackShip shipment status Exception
  • Dev – Add a Value for Updated Tracking (3) in the “status_shipped” column in the CSV file
  • Dev – On add tracking information through REST API or Import CSV check first in API Name column and than in provider name
  • Dev – Added functionality for overright TrackShip tracking form template in theme
  • Dev – Added functionality for overright My Account Tracking info template in theme
  • Fix – Fixed custom order number issue in TrackShip Tracking page
  • Fix – Fixed Import CSV issue with Tracking Per Item and Partially Shipped order status
  • Fix – Fixed TrackShip Tracking page issue if there is a WPML lang parameter in URL
  • Fix – Fixed validation issue in TrackShip tracking page form


  • Enhancement – Added “Add Provider” button in the Custom Providers Tab
    * Enhancement – Hide the option to Save and “mark as shipped” for New admin orders (before “created”)
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Enhancement – TRACK button open the tracking url in a new window in My Account Orders history page
  • Dev – Shipping providers – by Default non of the Shipping Providers active when first time install plugin
  • Enhancement – Set all lightbox background opacity to 0.8
  • Enhancement – Set delivered shipment status email notification customizer link disabled if delivered order status email is enable and added a message
  • Fix – If WooCommerce is not installed showing multiple admin message of Advanced Shipment Tracking
  • Fix – Fixed CSV Import issue for Tracking Per Item Addon
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – Undefined variable: order_id in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesclass-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-settings.php on line 516
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_tracking_details in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesemailsclass-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 142
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_order_details in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesemailsclass-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 143
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_billing_address in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesemailsclass-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 144
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_shipping_address in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesemailsclass-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 145
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_enable_delivered_ga_tracking in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesemailsclass-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 149
  • Fix – Fixed warnings – PHP Notice: Undefined index: wcast_delivered_analytics_link in …wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesemailsclass-shipment-delivered-email.php on line 150


  • Enhancement – Added Tracking Button on Orders History (my-account) page
  • Dev – Set default preview in Tracking Info Customizer
  • Dev – Added new parameter – ‘replace_tracking’ in Add Tracking API Endpoint
  • Dev – Used Rest API name in Bulk upload CSV and programmatically add tracking info
  • Dev – Updated design of Late shipment Email Content
  • Fixed – Fix CSS issue in TrackShip Tracking page
  • Dev – Create Order (Admin) option to add the tracking info on initial order.
  • Fixed – Custom order status not enabled/diabled
  • Fixed – jQuery Depreciated – jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated


  • Enhancement – Updated Add Tracking, Add Custom Shipping Provider, Edit Shipping Provider, Sync Shipping Provider popup background color
  • Dev – Removed Sync Providers notice and TrackShip notice from admin
  • Dev – Removed the material design library
  • Dev – Added filter in TrackShip Tracking page event message and location so user can add filter change event message and location – ‘trackship_tracking_event_description’ , ‘trackship_tracking_event_location’
  • Fixed – Fixed TrackShip tools Get Shipment Status issue for ‘TrackShip Balance 0’ option


  • Enhancement – Updated design of CSV Import process
  • Enhancement – Updated AST settings page design
  • Enhancement – Move Custom order status manager tab to general settings
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip tracking page settings panel
  • Dev – Seperate code of Tracking Per Item Addon option from AST to Tracking Per Item Addon files
  • Dev – Remove the option to add tracking from order actions panel for Local Pickup Orders
  • Dev – Add Support – sequential order number plugin(free)
  • Dev – Updated Translation Files in Dutch (nl-nl)
  • Dev – TrackShip Emails – added hook in order details template for shipment status emails (‘ast_email_order_items_args’)
  • Dev – Check if enable option – ‘Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped”’ than change “Completed” tooltip in actions to “Mark as Shipped”
  • Dev – Move all Tracking Per Item Addon translations from AST to TPI
  • Dev – Remove ALP admin notice message
  • Dev – Set default settings of “On which order status email to include the shipment tracking info?” and “On which Order status to display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu?” on initial installation
  • Fix – Sync Providers – duplicate view/hide details + updates issue
  • Fix – Can’t find variable: api_provider_name issue on edit custom shipping provider
  • Fix – Trying to access array offset on value of type bool on woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/views/admin_options_osm.php:30
  • Dev – Added custom order number plugin compatibility in shipment status email variables “{order_number}”


  • Enhancement – Added a option in AST general settings for select On which Order status to display Add Tracking icon in the Order Actions menu.
  • Enhancement – Uppdated Late Shipments Customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of tools
  • Enhancement – Updated toggle design
  • Enhancement – Updated Shipping Providers List
  • Enhancement – TrackShip – Added a option to set shipping provider tracking page link in TrackShip tracking page
  • Dev -Added compatibility with Advanced Order Status Manager plugin
  • Fix – Fixed issue with TrackShip Dashboard widget


  • Enhancement – Add API Name column to the shipping providers. User can use use API name for the providers lookup when adding tracking information through REST API
  • Enhancement – TrackShip tracking page – added option for add custom URL as a tracking page
  • Enhancement – Added a option in AST settings to select API Date Format
  • Dev – Removed the shipment status Counts from the WC orders filter and added option in TrackShip for remove shipment status filter from orders page
  • Enhancement – Tracking Per Item – Added Settings Option in the AST general settings – Display products SKU in add tracking form
  • Enhancement – Change the Tracking # input to be first in the add tracking form
  • Dev – Added Default colors for Custom Order Statuses
  • Dev – Added and Updated API Endpoint
  • Enhancement – Updated Shipment Tracking and TrackShip page settings
  • Dev – Remove the Add Tracking from action menu for completed order status
  • Enhancement – On deactivate plugin check if order in custom order status and give option to reassign that order to different order status
  • Fixed – Tracking Page – Events CSS issue
  • Fixed – Fixed rtl issue of settings page
  • Enhancement – Added admin message for review


  • Dev – Added compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Dev – Added compatibility with Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce Pro plugin.
  • Enhancement – Updated design TrackShip tab if TrackShip is not connected
  • Enhancement – Added an option add display name in custom providers
  • Enhancement – Added a separate TrackShip menu if TrackShip is connected
  • Fix – Fixed warning ‘register_rest_route was called incorrectly. The REST API route definition for wc/v1/orders/(?P[d]+)/shipment-trackings/providers is missing the required permission_callback argument’ for WordPress version 5.5
  • Enhancement – Updated the settings page design


  • Fix – Fixed fatal error when changing status to delivered
  • Fix – Fixed email content issue in TrackShip late shipments email


  • Enhancement – Updated the design of TrackShip tracking page
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Shipping Providers edit image lightbox and change label
  • Enhancement – Updated design of shipping providers list
  • Enhancement – Change CSV Import label
  • Enhancement – Improve search shipping providers functionality
  • Enhancement – Updated design of Trackship tools
  • Enhancement – Custom Order Status auto save on change enable/disable, Color, Font color and Enable email
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip tracking page settings
  • Enhancement – Updated Order status and shipment status email customizer
  • Fix – Fixed in shipping_row.js


  • Enhancement – Added Pending Trckship option in shipment status filter in orders page
  • Enhancement – Added option for Edit shipping provider name and image
  • Enhancement – Trackship tracking page added functionality for show origin tracking details and destination tracking details
  • Enhancement – Add Re-Order button in my account single order page for custom order page – Delivered, Partially Shipped, Updated Tracking
  • Dev – Added parent class in paging class in shipping providers list page
  • Dev – Added Error message instead of error code in shipment status box in orders list page and single order page for TrackShip
  • Fix – Fixed issue with bulk import with Partially Shipped


  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom order number generated by Booster for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fix – Fixed issue with custom order number in TrackShip tracking page
  • Dev – Moved Tracking Per Item addon license from this plugin to Tracking Per Item addon
  • Enhancement – Change default background color of tracking display table to #f5f5f5


  • Fix – Fixed license error for Tracking Per Item Addon User


  • Dev – Removed Tracking Per Item Addon license activation code AST and moved to Tracking Per Item Addon


  • Fix – Fixed error on Add Tracking button on orders page
  • Fix – fixed issue with On Hold customizer
  • Enhancement – Remove TrackShip shipment stats change text before tracking info table from all shipment status emails


  • Fix – fixed delivered order status email customizer issue
  • Fix – fixed TrackShip tracking page jQuery Block UI issue for some of the themes


  • Enhancement – Updated CSV Upload page design in settings page
  • Enhancement – Updated TrackShip dashboard page design
  • Enhancement – Added On Hold Shipment status emails for TrackShip
  • Enhancement – Redesign Shipping Providers List in settings page
  • Enhancement – Added option for hard sync shipping providers in Sync Providers option
  • Dev – Updated plugin code for better security and optimize
  • Dev – Removed compatibility code for WC – APG SMS Notifications from plugin
  • Dev – Added all shipping provider image under wp-content/uploads/ast-shipping-providers folder. So load shipping provider image from there
  • Dev – Optimized all shipping provider image
  • Dev – Added new functions for add tracking information and get tracking information
  • Dev – Removed all kind of special character validation from adding tracking number
  • Fix – Fixed issue of set order status shipped from order details page when “mark order as shipped” without page refresh
    Localization – Updated Swedish, Turkish and French Translations

  • Dev – When user disconnect Trackship and connect again than Trackship enable automatically
  • Fix – Removed custom order status from the Documents tab of WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin if the custom order status is disabled
  • Dev – Removed WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin compatibility code from the plugin
  • Enhancement – Added option for hiding Tracking Header in tracking display customizer
  • Dev – Change return URL of shipment status customizer, so it will return back to the notifications tab

  • Enhancement – Update TrackShip link on WordPress dashboard and on the AST settings page
  • Fix – Responsive issue of the shipping provider list
  • Enhancement – Added shipping providers filter dropdown in the orders page
  • Fix – Fixed warning – Undefined variable: trackship_supported in plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 1056
  • Dev – Remove query SHOW TABLES LIKE ‘wp_shipment_batch_process’
    * Dev – Added compatibility with Yith custom order numbers plugin
  • Enhancement – Added option for remove tracking info from Customer note emails

  • Dev – Fix slow load issue of WordPress dashboard because of TrckShip Analytics dashboard
  • Fix – Fix custom order number issue with Sequential Order Numbers Pro in bulk import
  • Fix – Fix issue with search orders with tracking number in orders panel

  • Dev – Limit get orders to 100 on TrackShip tools page
  • Fix – version 2.9.8 rollback

  • Fix – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null in /home/jh1ua38qa95m/public_html/store/wp-includes/query.php:28 Stack trace: woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-settings.php(444)

  • Fix – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_items() on bool in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php:328


  • Enhancement – Added new option for create new order status shipped not just rename, so user can use completed and shipped both order status for virtual orders and Local Pickup shipping method
  • Enhancement – Set tracking number field focus on orders ans single order page
  • Enhancement – Update TrackShip link on WordPress dashboard and on the AST settings page
  • Dev – Limit get orders to 100 on TrackShip tools page


  • Fix – fixed issue so trackship_supported column adding in shipping providers table and based on that use carrier website as tracking link if TrackShip not sot supported


  • Dev – Added trackship_supported column in shipping providers table and based on that use carrier website as tracking link if TrackShip not sot supported
  • Dev – Added custom order number compatibility in TrackShip tracking form
  • Dev – Remove dot validation in tracking number
  • Dev – Remove dot and underscore validation from Bulk Upload trackig information
  • Enhancement – Added Order Id in Inline Tracking Form
  • Enhancement – Remove Add Tracking button form orders action if order status is On Hold, Failed , Cancelled, Ready for Pickup and Picked up
  • Enhancement – Updated design of TrackShip dashboard


  • Dev – Pass custom order number generate by custom order plugin in TrackShip
  • Dev – Remove underscore validation in tracking number
  • Dev – Updated code of add_tracking_item() function so it will take current date as date shipped if it’s blank
  • Enhancement – Added validation message in Tracking page if order id not found
  • Enhancement – Added adin notice message for Advanced Local Pickup for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fix – Fixed warning Undefined offset: 0 in [path]wp-contentpluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesclass-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-settings.php on line 542


  • Enhancement – Edit button visible always in shipment status notification section in Trackship
  • Dev – When TrackShip shipment status change to delivered change order status to delivered only if order status is Completed(Shipped)
  • Fix – Fix php warning in TrackShip tracking page ‘Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array’
  • Fix – Mobile issue of Shipping provider image in TrackShip tracking page templates


  • Fix – Bulk import csv issue


  • Fix – Bulk import csv issue


  • Enhancement – Added product code field in tracking info form for this shipping provider – Post Haste,Now Couriers,Dx Mail and Castle Parcels
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Dev – Added compatibility with custom order number functionality for Booster for WooCommerce plugin
  • Dev – Added On Hold shipment status for DHL Us shipping provider
  • Fix – Tracking display customizer doesn’t load in Enfold
  • Fix – Notice: Undefined variable: value in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 1624
  • Fix – Duplicate tracking in simple layout tracking info in my-account orders page


  • Dev – rename update tracking, partially shipped and delivered order status we will use that update order status name in Bulk action dropdown in orders page
  • Dev – Added functionality to override tracking info email template in theme
  • Enhancement – Update Tracking display customizer link
  • Dev – Updated functionality for Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin for custom order numbers in bulk import tracking info
  • Fix – NZ Couriers shipping provider, the conditional fields are missing on add tracking form
  • Fix – Duplicate tracking in simple layout tracking info
  • Fix – Undefined index: simple_layout_content in /woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 1604


  • Enhancement – Added functionality for add product code in add tracking info form if the provider is NZ Courier
  • Enhancement – Added message in Shipment tracking page if the Trackship is not connected
  • Enhancement – Updated sidebar addons image
  • Enhancement – Redesign Shipment Tracking Customizer
  • Fix – Fixed issue in tracking display customizer table background-color


  • Enhancement – Add editable text for simple layout in tracking info customizer
  • Dev – Added Rest API v3
  • Localization – Updated language translation files
  • Fix – undefined variable $tracking_info_settings in emails/plain/tracking-info.php
  • Fix – Fixed issue in WooCommerce app – unable to fetch Shipping providers


  • Enhancement – Added “Date” in simple layout tracking display format
  • Enhancement – Updated date format for bulk import from dd-mm-YYYY to dd/mm/YYYY
  • Dev – Added missing plain email template tracking-info.php
  • Dev – Updated sample CSV file for bulk import


  • Dev – Added compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0
  • Dev – Added compatibility with WPML
  • Dev – Migrate customizer data from theme_mode to option
  • Fix – Undefined index: date_shipped in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/api/v1/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-rest-api-controller.php on line 520
  • Fix – Undefined index: date_shipped in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/templates/emails/tracking-info.php on line 259
  • Fix – Undefined variable: th_column_style in woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking.php on line 827


  • Localization – Added language support for Dutch / Nederlands
  • Enhancement – Added functionality for Late Shipment admin notification
  • Enhancement – Added option for choose date format for CSV import
  • Dev – Added hook in orders details email template – ‘wcast_email_before_order_table’ and ‘wcast_email_after_order_table’
  • Dev – Updated TrackShip status emails logic – if the shipment status changes to one of the tracking numbers, send only this tracking number in the email notification
  • Fix – validation issue in shipment tracking page


  • Dev – If custom provider has no tracking link remove URL from tracking number
  • Fix – Fixed issue with tracking page in settings, display save button when trackship tracking page disable
  • Fix – Fixed error with kadence customizer in completed email


  • Dev – Updated licensing system for AST Tracking Per Item Add-on


  • Fix – Fixed error ‘Call to undefined function SMSWOO()’ in settings page


  • Dev – Added compatibility with Sequential Order Numbers Pro
  • Enhancement – Added Indonesian shipping carriers
  • Enhancement – Added SMS for WooCommerce section in Add-ons tab in settings
  • Fix – Fixed issue with tracking url ‘&#038’ in custom shipping provider


  • Enhancement – Updated New Zealand Post and CourierPost shipping provider image
  • Enhancement – Added success admin notice for review


  • Dev – Added functionality for Bulk import tracking info per item for Tracking Per Item Addon
  • Dev – Added functionality for add tracking info per item for Tracking Per Item Addon
  • Enhancement – Updated New Zealand Post shipment provider logo


  • Enhancement – remove Front js and css from every page and load only on tracking page
  • Fix – tracking page date issue with WP settings format
  • Dev – Updated TrackShip tracking page API functionality
  • Localization -updated translation files for all language


  • Updated settings page sidebar design
  • Updated all supported language files
  • Fixed issue with shipping provider not showing and not adding custom provider
  • Fixed fatal error in customizer
  • Fixed responsive issue of custom status settings


  • Added functionality for all time send partially shipped email when added tracking info and mark as partially shipped
  • Added new layout of tracking page
  • Updated design of TrackShip and tracking page tab
  • Updated design of custom status settings
  • Updated design of Shipping Providers list
  • Updated Trackship date format in shipment status column based on WP settings
  • Updated orders list in Tracking display customizer and added filter for tracking added
  • Updated Tracking display customizer
  • Updated design of Add-ons tab
  • Updated default text of Partially Shipped and Updated Tracking order status email
  • Fixed issue with shipment status email subject/headers/content, If it will be blank than take default text


  • Added new simple template for display tracking info in email and my account
  • Added new custom order status “Updated Tracking” and created email for that
  • Updated design of Custom order statuses in settings page
  • Updated design of Tracking Status display on orders list and single order page
  • Fixed AST Tracking Per Item license validation issue
  • Fixed Warning: array_merge(): Expected parameter 1 to be an array, null given in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 2969
  • Fixed Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 2982


  • Updated Japan Post Tracking Link, if shipping country is not Japan than add language en in link
  • Removed email field from Tracking Per Item Add-on section
  • Removed dash validation from bulk upload csv/API
  • Fixed RTL issue in Tracking info table
  • Fixed issue with Delivered status color when WooCommerce Order Status Manager plugin is active


  • Added Add-on for Tracking Per Item
  • Added functionality for search by tracking number in orders admin
  • Added functionality so “Shop Manager” user role can manage AST settings
  • Updated Spanish language translations
  • Updated ebay meta field
  • Removed validation for dash from adding tracking number


  • Fixed issue in edit and delete custom shipping provider


  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.3
  • Added functionality for bulk upload from tools tab in settings for “Please do connection” status orders
  • Updated functionality if shipment status is “Carrier Unsupported” than use carrier tracking page instead of trackship tracking page
  • Updated German language translation files
  • Change the success message after “Get Shipment Tracking” bulk actions


  • Updated Italian and Swedish language file
  • Change Partial Shipped to Partially Shipped
  • Fixed issue – Undefined variable: responsive_check in delivered order email
  • Fixed issue in Bulk upload CSV that after upload through CSV all are showing as unsupported carrier in TrackShip
  • Fixed issue in Rest API that after upload through CSV all are showing as unsupported carrier in TrackShip


  • Added Twilio SMS Notifications plugin compatibility with Order status message so user can add tracking details in order status message
  • Added Twilio SMS Notifications plugin compatibility with TrackShip so user can send shipment status change SMS to users
  • Added language support for Portuguese.
  • Fixed issue with Delivered shipment status email enable/disable
  • Fixed warning with Sync Providers functionality


  • Added another option of 2 for partial shipped to the Bulk upoad CSV and API to the “Status Shipped” parameter
  • Added validation message if issue in bulk upload CSV file
  • Updated Swedish translation files
  • Updated demo Bulk upload Tracking CSV file
  • Fixed issue Tracking info is showing on emails even if it’s disabled in settings


  • Added Mark as Partial Shipped checkbox in add tracking form if Partial Shipped status is enable
  • Updated functionality of Partial Shipped status settings


  • Added new order status Partial Shipped
  • Added email variable – ‘{customer_company_name}’
  • Added Tools tab in settings page if TrackShip is connected and add Bulk Get Shipment Status section in that
  • Updated – Allow trigger sending tracking to TS on custom order statuses


  • Added functionality for APC Overnight tracking provider replace ‘+’ with space in postal code in tracking link
  • Fixed issue with “Try TrackShip for Free” ToolTip message
  • Fixed issue with WP All Import WooCommerce Addon


  • Added admin menu tooltip message of users which is not connected with TrackShip
  • Added settings link in plugin
  • Updated TrackShip Dashboard widget
  • Update “Order Details” string in order details email template
  • Updated custom provider slug function
  • Fixed issue with customizer enable/disable delivered order status email


  • Fixed warning – Undefined index: page in advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 208
  • Fixed warning – Undefined index: action in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-front.php on line 714
  • Updated “On which order status email to include the shipment tracking info?” on plugin update shipped order status is automatically select


  • Added TrackShip analytics widget in admin dashboard
  • Added tracker balance and current plan in TrackShip tab
  • Updated translated string in language template file
  • Updated “On which order status email to include the shipment tracking info?” option in settings tab
  • Fixed issue with Divi theme
  • Fixed issue with RTL in settings and tracking page


  • Added Bulk Actions section in TrackShip tab
  • Updated design trackship connection button
  • Updated settingd of Tracking Info Display customizer
  • Updated translation .pot file
  • Removed admin message for users which is not connected to trackship
  • Fixed design issue of tracking page for trackship for RTL
  • Fixed design issue of shipping providers list for small screen
  • Fixed warning – Undefined index: custom_tracking_provider


  • Added filter for change tracking provider name – “ast_provider_title”
  • Updated translation strings
  • Removed white gaps from settings / bulk upload bottom
  • Fixed design issue with WeDocs plugin


  • Added validation in tracking number for special character when add new tracking info in order and also in bulk upload
  • Added filter in Trackship tracking page text
  • Added functionality for add tracking info in custom order status emails
  • Added compatibility with – “WC – APG SMS Notifications” plugin
  • Added option for Hide tracking events details for TracksShip users
  • Updated Advanced Shipment Tracking settings page design

  • Fixed Delivered email qty issue with Kadence
  • Added compatibility with “SMS Alert Order Notifications – WooCommerce” plugin
  • Added functionality for add custom tracking provider from REST API
  • Updated Swedish language files


  • Fixed issue with tracking page
  • Added functionality of add order note when adding/deleting tracking information in order
  • Updated Swedish language files


  • Updated option to Send only last 30 days shipped orders to trackship from settings panel


  • Fixed issue with search
  • Fixed translabled string issue in delivered email
  • Added option to Send all shipped orders to trackship from settings panel
  • Updated Ebay meta key – ‘_ebay_extended_order_id’
  • Removed – limit bulk action Get Shipment Status to maximum 100 orders at one time


  • Fixed PHP Notice: Undefined index: DHL uk in pluginswoo-advanced-shipment-trackingincludesclass-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-install.php on line 1560
  • Fixed – If Delivered Status is not enabled – do not change order status “Delivered” or to any other status (Pending right now)
  • Updated html class of add tracking provider lightbox in orders listing page
  • Updated – remove event grouping by status to display all events in trackship tracking page
  • Added – limit bulk action Get Shipment Status to maximum 100 orders at one time
  • Added description on select tracking page field


  • Fixed issue with TranslatePress plugin
  • Fixed issue in tracking page
  • Fixed issue if ts_slug field not created in database
  • Added compatibility with WP-Lister for eBay
  • Added hook for order number in tracking page


  • Fixed issue in tracking page for unknown status
  • Added PostNL International 3S,GLS Europe and Yun Express Tracking provider
  • In tracking url added two more parameter – %country_code% and %postal_code%
  • Updated code for add tracking item programatically
  • Updated tracking page endpoint
  • Removed Tracking URL validation for add/edit custom shipping provider and if not added tracking url than not display track button


  • Fixed Hermes World shipping provider issue
  • Fixed warnings Undefined index: Hermes Germany
  • Updated completed order status to shipped on “On which customer order status email to include tracking info?” is “Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped”” enabled


  • Fixed warnings in tracking page
  • Fixed error from customizer if WooCommerce uninstalled
  • Fixed date format issue in Bulk Upload
  • Addes Sync Providers List functionality for all users
  • Added Hermes World Shipping provider
  • Added option for “mark as shipped” will be selected by default when adding tracking info to orders
  • Added Shipment Status filter in order list panel
  • Updated Delivered orderemail customizer layout and Google analytics tracking
  • Updated tracking page design


  • Added “DHL Freight” provider
  • Added functionality when check connection store status if api key is not available in plugin than add it


  • Fixed – Trackship connection issue when trackship setting saved


  • Removed option auto change of delivered orders to completed when deactivating
  • Updated Royal Mail shipping provider logo
  • Fixed – Notice Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object


  • Fixed jQuery(…).select2 is not a function admin.js error


  • Added option Google Analytics link tracking in email customizer
  • Added option for adding and deleting tracking info in order from order list panel
  • Updated – Set Change the “Delivered” orders to “Completed” when you deactivate the plugin option default No.
  • Updated all language translation files
  • Updated design of settings panel
  • Removed Option “Retry api call for failed order” from TrackShip


  • Fixed – PHP Warning
  • Fixed – Unable to override customer-delivered-order.php template
  • Fixed – Sync Providers issues with images when adding new providers
  • Added details info of the changes after Sync Providers
  • Added “Change order to Shipped?” checkbox when adding tracking info to orders
  • Added “DHL Freight”,”Sendle” and “Deppon” shipping provider
  • Added Slug field to shipping providers table
  • Added ajax overlay in customizer refresh
  • Updated settings page design
  • Updated – When new provider added default status is inactive
  • Updated – added parameter in return url of tracking info customizer and shipping status email customizer so when close customizer directly go into particular tab
  • Updated – remove trim from tracking number when add tracking info to orders


  • Fixed – PHP Warning
  • Added 20+ new Shipping Provider
  • Updated design of emails section in customizer
  • Updated Shipment Status Notifications in TrackShip
  • Updated Shipping Providers List Design
  • Updated Correios, Mondial Relay
  • Updated Shipping Provider La Poste, Colissimo and Chronopost
  • Updated Shipping Provider,,, DHL
  • Updated TrackShip Tracking Page


  • Fixed issue with Kadence email customizer plugin
  • Fixed – Fixed PHP Notice: Undefined index: custom_tracking_provider
    Add Shipping Provider Mondial Relay as a default provider
  • Fixed delivered icon issue in order list action
  • Added option for which customer order status email user want to include tracking info.
  • Added option in tracking info customizer to display tracking info before order details or after order details.
  • Added Change order status to Delivered button in order preview popup if order status is complete
  • Added option in settings to enable/disable for show tracking info in Invoice/Packing Slips for compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin.
  • Updated Greek language translation
  • Updated design of shipment status email customizer


  • Created new order status “Updated Tracking” for TrackShip users.
  • Added action button in order list to mark completed order as delivered
  • Added settings so user can select that change all delivered order status to completed or remain same when plugin deactivate
  • Updated all language file for new changes


  • Update Track URL of CouriersPlease and IL Post
  • Create Shipment tracking when TrackShip connected


  • Bug Fixed – Fixed issue for subscription report.


  • Bug Fixed – Fixed front end design conflict issue with theme


  • Update Swedish language translation files
  • Change Delhivery tracking URL
  • Added functionality to change lable of “Complete Order” to “Shipped Order” in email setting page


  • Bug Fixed – Undefined index: class in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 741
  • Updated language files


  • Update design of email notification tab, Set toggle button in that to enable/disable email notifications
  • Update german language translation for “Track”
  • In Tracking info display customizer add settings for change table header text
  • Bug fixed – Fix typo issue in Bulk Upload tab
  • Make all text translatable in Bulk Upload tab


  • Teste with the latest version of WooCommerce
  • Bug fixed – YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote emails disappeared when installing plugin
  • Bug fixed – Call to undefined method WC_Advanced_Shipment_Tracking_Install::get_tracking_items() in class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-install.php:660
  • Updated Swedish language translation files
  • Updated design of email notifications tab


  • Added Email recipient field in delivered order status email
  • Bug fixed – fixed several typos mistakes
  • Bug fixed – Shipment providers settings changed when doing version update
  • Bug fixed – if shipped date is null than it will take current date in bulk upload
  • Bug fixed – Undefined index: show_track_label in class-wc-tracking-info-customizer.php on line 202


  • Added An Post Shipping provider as a default shipping provider
  • Update minor design of shipping providers list
  • Bug Fixed – Frontend design issue
  • In Tracking Info Display designer added option for add label on Track
  • In Tracking Rest API Endpoint added option for Status shipped


  • Added TrackShip Integration
  • Added compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin
  • Added compatibility with Custom Order Numbers plugin to Tracking Rest API Endpoint
  • Added compatibility with Sequential order numbers plugin to Tracking Rest API Endpoint
  • Twick: Changed Tracking Display “Date” text to “Shipped Date”
  • Fix – Customizer did not load on Store Front & Bazar Shop Themes

  • Bug fixed – Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_billing_address
  • Bug fixed – Notice: Undefined index: wcast_show_shipping_address
  • Bug fixed – Notice: Undefined variable: username
  • Bug fixed – Delivered order status email not sending when change order stats to delivered

  • Bug fixed – Undefined index: in /plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 671
  • Bug fixed – Tracking Info is not showing when using WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder

  • Bug fixed – Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined


  • Updated database for default shipping providers, remove duplicate entry of default shipping providers and add default shipping provider if not available.


  • Improved Customizer UI
  • Improved plugin settings UI
  • Added more design options to Customizer
  • Added Customizer option to change tracking table padding
  • Added Support for translation for all new plugin settings/options
  • Fix – variables not working in delivered email header in Customizer
  • Fix – delivered email customizer link directed to tracking display designer

  • Added functionality for remove white space from tracking number in tracking link


  • Updated add and edit custom shipping provider design
  • Change shipping provider name from DHL Logistics to DHL Parcel
  • Bug fixed – Sorting companies by country instead of country code
  • Added option to search by country in providers dropdown in order page
  • Remove tracking info to display from processing order,cancel order, refund order and on hold order.
  • Added functionality for customize Delivered order status email into customizer
  • Removed WooCommerce default email fro Delivered order status email
  • Changed URL of StarTrack shipping provider
  • In tracking info display customizer change preview order defaut test from ‘Mockup order’ to ‘Select order to preview’
  • Added functionality for remove white space from tracking number when added in order

  • Bug fixed – Added Save button in settings tab


  • Updated Email Notifications settings design
  • Updated add custom shipping provider design
  • Fixed issue of Hebrew shipping provider not added in orders
  • Added DHL Logistics Shipping provider as a default shipping provider
  • Fixed bulk upload issue – if shipped date is null than it will take current date
  • Added functionality for add multiple tracked into bulk upload for single order
  • Setup tracking info display customizer with live preview in email
  • Setup functionality for show Tracking Info only in completed order

  • Added DTDC Shipping provider as a default shipping provider

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed email template issue for WooCommerce Delivered order.


  • Update design of email notification section for small screen
  • Update design of bulk upload section
  • Make bulk upload compatible with Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin
  • Make bulk upload compatible with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers plugin
  • Make bulk upload compatible with WP-Lister Pro for Amazon plugin
  • Change Chronopost provider url in database

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed all php warnings
  • Bug Fixed – Fixed ArrowXL shipping provider country issue
  • Updated design of Bulk upload section

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed bulk upload csv issue

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed design issue in small screen

  • Added language support for Greek.
  • Bug Fixed – added missing translated strings text domains in js file.


  • language file updated.

  • language file updated.

  • Bug Fixed – Warnig when installing the plugin – Duplicate column name ‘enable’.


  • Added Turkish Translation
  • Minor admin css updates
  • Select Delivered Email Type – Changed to Ajax save when changing selection.

  • Bug Fixed – Email templated file override issue in theme
  • Bug Fixed – New email notification order status not show

  • Added WP Editor in email notification content
  • Added option for choose delivered email type – Default WooCommerce email or Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin email.
  • Added option for remove date from tracking info.
  • Added language support for Danish.

  • Added variable for Tracking Info Table in Delivered Email notification

  • Bug Fixed – Tracking info display table design in My Account page
  • Added Resend delivered order email notification to order actions (if set)
  • Added admin notice for information that “you can change (and preview) the style of the shipment tracking display on order email and customer account”

  • Bug Fixed – tiptip() is not a function.


  • Additional shipping providers + removed non relevant shipping providers.
  • Added option for change the style of tracking info display in email and my account.
  • Added functionality for Bulk upload shipment tracking details.
  • Added email notifications option in settings for delivered order.
  • Added Bulgerian language support.
  • Fixed “Delivered” status not included reports on non-english websites.

  • fix translation of date

  • Bug fix – Fix multisite issue


  • Setup Customer delivered order email if Custom order status – “Delivered” is enabled.
  • Updated swedish language


  • Added plugin compatibility with WordPress multisite.
  • Added language support for Swedish.


  • Bug fix – Fix translation issue for front page information such as tracking information, provider, tracking number, date, track button.


  • Added filter in get_providers function for shipping url


  • Improve functionality for add custom icon for custom shipment provider


  • Bug fix – Hebrew RTL with Ajax


  • Improved French Language Translation


  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Improved UI of Shipping Provider Table
  • Added option for change Delivered status label color
  • Added Norweign,Spanish,Hindi,Italian and Russian Language Support.


  • Add version in js file to fix cache issue


  • fixed. Language Issue


  • fixed. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare maybe_create_table()


  • improved UI.
  • Added funtionality of ajax for adding tracking number
  • shipping provider table css updated.
  • added settings to new custom order status ( Delivered ) and rename existing order status Completed to Shipped.


  • improved UI.
  • Added language support for French and German.


  • improved UI.


  • Added support for woocommerce shipment tracking official plugin.
  • Added rest api support.
  • improved UI.


  • Added Hebrew Language Support.


  • Initial version.