Add tracking numbers to orders

When adding tracking numbers to orders, you have the following options:

  • Tracking Number – enter the tracking number.
  • Shipping Provider – Only enabled providers will display. on the shipping providers list, you can enable your preferred providers and set the default shipping provider when adding tracking numbers to orders.
  • Shipping Date – defaults to current date.

You can preview the tracking link and click save to add the tracking info.

For a quick and easy fulfilment process, you can also update the order status to (Completed) or Partially Shipped when you add the tracking information to orders. This feature was added to avoid the extra page load, you can select in the plugin settings if you check this option by default when you add tracking information to orders.

Add tracking numbers from the Edit Order admin

The Shipment Tracking panel will display on the single order page on the sidebar. You can click on the add tracking button to open the options.

You can add multiple tracking numbers to each order by clicking the add tracking info from the shipment tracking panel. Once added, the tracking info will display on the panel and you can clicking on the tracking number link to track the order.


Adding Tracking to orders form the orders admin

You can also use the quick add tracking option from the the Orders Actions columns on the orders admin page.


Please note: if the Shipment Tracking column does not show on your orders admin, you can enable it on the order admin “Screen Options”.

Delete tracking number

In case you added the wrong number and you need to update the tracking information, you can delete the tracking number and add a new tracking info.

If you already marked the order as shipped and the old tracking info was sent to the customer, you can notify your customers by using the Updated Tracking Custom order status and send your customers email notification with the new tracking information.