Shipment Status & Delivery Notifications

You can send automatic shipping & delivery updates to your customers based on the following shipment statuses:

  • In Transit – The shipment is on the way, the carrier has accepted or picked up and scanned the shipment.
  • Available for Pickup – The shipment is ready to pickup.
  • Out for Delivery – Carrier is about to deliver the shipment
  • On Hold – The shipment is on hold
  • Failed Attempt – Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver the package again.
  • Return To Sender – Shipment is returned to sender
  • Delivered – The shipment was delivered successfully

Shipment status email notifications

The shipment Status email is fully customizable and will be sent to your customers when there is an update in the shipment status. 

Note: the emails are being sent from your WooCommerce store, the same way your orders emails.

To setup and edit the shipment status emails, on your WordPress admin, navigate to: 

WooCommerce  > TrackShip > Shipment Status Notifications.

How to customize the email notifications


Shipment status SMS notifications


How to customize the SMS messages

You can fully customize the SMS messages and use variables from the order and the shipment tracking information, status and est. delivery date.

Available placeholder for Shipment status sms are as below

%shop_name% %order_id% %order_count% %order_amount% %order_status% %billing_name% %shipping_name% %shipping_method% %billing_first% %billing_last% %tracking_number% %tracking_provider% %tracking_link% %shipment_status% %est_delivery_date%