TrackShip for WooCommerce

TrackShip for WooCommerce Pro integrates TrackShip into your WooCommerce Store and auto-tracks your orders, automates your post-shipping workflow and allows you to provide a superior Post-Purchase experience to your customers.

What is TrackShip

Trackship is a Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking platform that supports 250+ shipping providers. Once TrackShip is connected to your store, it will automatically track all your shipments and proactively update the shipment status back to your store, until the package is delivered to the customer.

What’s included?

  • Tracking Page on your store
  • Shipment Status & Delivery Notifications
  • Custom Order Status “Delivered”
  • Post-Purchase automation
  • Shipment status and Est. delivery displays on the orders admins
  • Filter orders by shipment status
  • Tracking info widget on the Completed order status email
  • Custom email templates
  • Automatic SMS updates via Twilio, Nexmo or ClickSend
  • White Label Tracking Page widget
  • Shipping provider mappings
  • View order page display (tracking page widget)
  • Tracking Analytics widget

How it works?

  1. Signup for a TrackShip account
  2. Connect your WooCommerce stores with TrackShip API
  3. Setup TrackShip on your store, enable the tracking page and shipment status & Delivery updates.
  4. Seat back and relax, TrackShip will Auto-track your Fulfilled orders and proactively update your orders whenever there is an update in the shipment tracking status, until the shipments are delivered to your customers.