Setup & Configuration

Connect Your SMS Service

We Currently support the following SMS service providers, we will add additional providers in the future, you can add your own custom providers using a hook.Supported SMS service providers

SMS Settings

  • Admin phone number
  • Sender phone number / Sender ID – You can add Alphanumeric Sender ID for Twilio and ClickSend
  • Enable the Do not Disturb – this option allows sending SMS messages in a specific time range. example 9 AM to 6 PM. if any message will be sent to 7 PM then it will be scheduled in next day at 9 AM.
  • Send SMS messages only between – send SMS only in this time range (conditional to Enable Time Limit)

URL Shortening

We Currently support Bitly for URL shortening service. To get your access token go to your Bitly account > Profile Settings > Generic Access Token and copy-paste it in our settings


Checkout options

  • Enable SMS Opt-in on Checkout – Enable the option for customers to opt-in to received SMS massages about their order during Checkout.

If you enable the opt-in option in checkout:

  • Enable phone number validation on checkout – this option is only available when using Nexmo and Twillio

If you enable the phone number validation


SMS Logs Settings

  • Enable Order Note Log – To enable and disable order note log

You can delete logs more than 30 days from SMS logs Settings


Send test message

To check your provider credential is working or not, go send test message section from settings panel, And send test message.