SMS for WooCommerce

Keep your customers happy and improve your customer service by sending them automated SMS text messages with order & delivery updates. Send SMS updates to customers when their order status is updated, when it’s shipped or when it’s out for delivery… You can also manually send SMS messages through the Edit Order screen. Monitor your store in real-time, even when away from your PC, and be up-to-date about new orders, refunds, shipment status & delivery, low stock, new customer sign ups and more…

Key Features

  • Enable the service for all the customers or enable the SMS only for those who request to receive SMS messages during checkout.
  • Choose on which order status to send SMS updates – the plugin will detect all orders statuses with active emails, including the custom statuses. If your store is connected to TrackShip, you will get the option to set SMS notifications for shipment status updates.
  • Customize the SMS messages to include store name, order ID, order amount, order status, and other order data along with your custom text.
  • URL Shortener Service – automatically shorten URLs within messages using Google or as your URL shortener services.
  • Test message – You can easily preview and test what customers will see when they receive a message from you right from the plugin settings page.
  • Manually send SMS with updates to your customers directly from the Edit Order screen. A handy character count is shown so you don’t go over the 160 character limit for SMS messages. Customers don’t need to have opted-in to SMS updates for you to send them an SMS.
  • View SMS History – the information and status of every SMS notification sent to the customer will display on the Order Notes on the order admin. See the message that was sent and the status. Any errors will appear here to help with troubleshooting, you can also view all messages log in the plugin settings.