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Plugin Settings

General Options

  • Show/Hide Shop Menu in Admin Bar
  • Admin Footer Text

Dashboard Options

you can clear everything from the dashboard for selected user roles and also add custom admin footer text.

  • Select the Roles the Dashboard Panels Will Be Hidden To
  • Hide All Dashboard Panels

Login Page Options

You can customize to styling branded login page and login form to shop manager plugin setting.

  • Upload Logo
  • Logo Width
  • Logo Bottom Margin
  • Background Color
  • Font Color
  • Login Page Footer Text
  • Login Box Label Color
  • Login Box Button Color
  • Login Box Background Color

WooCommerce Options

You can customize to WooCommerce tab setting which help to add WooCommerce features in the admin.

  • Add Total Spend Column to users admin
  • Add Order Count Column to users admin
  • Add processing orders number next to Shop Manager

Admin Menu Bar Options

You can customize to Shop menu tab setting which allows you to hide menus and Submenus.

  • Hide/Show Shop Menu Options
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