Setup & Configuration

The Shop Manager Admin plugin provides a collection of handy administration tools to empower your WooCommerce store admin, adds a WooCommerce quick access menu to the admin bar, lets you can customize the WordPress admin and login page, Hide store totals from the Shop Manager role and more.. 

General Settings

Display additional columns to the WordPress users admin:

  • Total spend column in User admin
  • Signup Date column in User admin
  • Order Count column in User admin

Add horizontal scroll to WooCommerce Orders admin – this option adds a smooth horizontal scroll effect in the WooCommerce orders list. 

Remove WordPress logo – this will remove the WordPress logo from admin menu & admin bar

Admin footer text – customize the WordPress admin footer text

WordPress Dashboard Widgets

The plugin allows you to customize the WordPress dashboard, hide widgets and create a custom view for store Administrators and customize which dashboard widgets will display for the Shop Manager role.


Customize the WordPress Login Page

The plugin comes with a WordPress admin login page customizer with a live preview, you can replace the WordPress logo with your logo, customize the colors and borders and add a custom Footer Text.


Customize the shop manager menu in the Admin Bar

The Shop Manager menu will display in the WordPress admin bar and provides quick links to access your orders, products, WooCommerce settings, compatible plugins settings and more when you browse the front-end of your store. You can customize to Shop Manager menu and show different menu to the Admins and Shop Manager roles.


Switch user

The fast customer switching will display in the WordPress admin bar and You can switch user by search user’s name and user’s email id.


Enable Switch to Customer option in admin Bar – this will remove/show the Switch user from admin bar

Show customer name – this will remove/show the customer name in Switch user recent history

Show username – this will remove/show the username in Switch user recent history

Show customer role – this will remove/show the customer role in Switch user recent history

Allow Switch to Customer for Shop Manager role – this will allow to switch user for Shop Manager role.