General Settings

The PayPal Tracking settings can be found on WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > PayPal Tracking:

  • Enable PayPal Tacking – Sync the tracking info to PayPal when orders are fulfilled (Shipped), the tracking number, shipping provider and date will be sent to the PayPal transaction. When you Delete tracking information from an order (after it was Shipped), the plugin will update PayPal and will cancel the shipment.
  • Enable Sandbox – enable this option if you are using Paypal Sandbox for testing.
  • Client ID – your PayPal REST API Client ID. 
  • Client Secret – your PayPal REST API Client Secret. (How to get the PayPal Tracking API keys)
  • PayPal payment methods – select the PayPal Payment Method to sync the tracking with the PayPal tracking API
  • Send email to the Customer from PayPal – Enable this option If you want to send email notification to customer from PayPal when tracking information added to Paypal.
  • Enable logs – this will save log of errors when syncing tracking information to the PayPal tracking API