General Settings

Pickup Instructions Display Options:

  • My Account (orders history) – display location details in my-account > orders details page page
  • Order received page – Display location details in order received page
  • Additional Order Emails Display – display Pickup instructions on the additional Order email
  • Additional content on Additional emails – you can add additional content that will be added to the additional email for order that the Local Pickup shipping method was selected.
  • Pickup reminder SMS – you can send pickup reminder sms for appointment orders. (If SMSWOO plugin is activated).

Custom Order Statuses

The plugin creates 2 Custom order statuses for the local pickup orders flow, for each Custom Order Status you can set the label and font colors, Enable email notification for the order status and customize its content. The custom order statuses will be added to the order Actions and bulk Actions options.

Prepare an order for pickup

Change the order status to Ready For Pickup – this order status will be used when the order is available for pickup and the order status email will be sent to the customer with the pickup instructions for the location.Mark an order as Picked Up – The order was picked up by the customer. Which is mainly for admin purposes, you can enable automated email to the customer or use this status for marketing automation.Please note: when you deactivate the plugin, you will have the option to assign the custom order statuses to other orders statuses.

Checkout Options

  • Mix local pickup/shipped Orders – determine whether customers can choose to ship part of the order and to pick up part of the order if they must choose one handling method for all eligible items.
  • Pickup Per item – Determine if a product can be picked up at different locations, or if only one pickup location is available per order.

Catalog Options

If you have local pickup enabled for only one location, then the location and pickup availability is displayed for that location.
  • Display Message on the Product Page – Display Local Pickup availability messages on the product page.
  • Product Page Message Location – Choose the product hook to add the message
  • Product Page Message – Defaults to ״This product is eligible for Local Pickup” or to “This product is not eligible for Local Pickup”

Force Local Pickup

You can force individual products or product variations in your catalog be only available for local pickup orders.To force local pickup for a products, go to edit the products and on the WooComerce product data panel navigate to the shipping tab, or you can force local pickup for a product category.Force Local Pickup – Customers can only pick up this item (or items from a category)