Customize the Pickup Instructions Display

The pickup Instructions include the location name, address, work hours and appointment (if required) and will display on the order received page, order emails and on the View Order page in the customer accounts (order history). You can customize the display of the tracking info widget with a standard WordPress customizer with a live preview.

From the Local Pickup Settings (WooCommerce > Local Pickup Pro, click on the customize link in the main menu.

Customizer Options

Header Options

  • Preview Order – select from last 20 orders one local pickup order that you added pickup instruction info in order to preview while you design the pickup location info table
  • Email type – select order status from statuses(Like: Ready for pickup, Picked up, Pickup reminder) for preview.

Email Settings

  • Enable email
  • Recipients

Widget Style

  • Padding

Widget Header

  • Hide Widget Header
  • Widget Header Text

Pickup Location info

  • Hide Pickup Address Header
  • Pickup Address Header Text
  • Hide Office Hours Header
  • Office Hours Header Text

Order Details

  • Pickup items Heading Text
  • Display Product Image
  • Display Product Price
  • Display Customer Details
  • Display Billing Address

Customize the local pickup emails

As part of local pickup, emails are sent to customers automatically about the status of their order.

Customers who choose to pickup their order are sent the following email notifications:

  • Order ready for pickup
  • Order picked up

You can fully customize the custom email templates using a email customizer with a live preview. You can customize the email subject, heading, content, choose if to include the billing address, items images, and more..