Local Pickup Pro

The Advanced Local Pickup Pro helps you handle store pickup more conveniently by extending the WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method, creating a local pickup fulfillment workflow and allowing you to set up multiple pickup locations, pickup per item, products availability per location, force local pickup, pickup appointments, and more!

How does it work?

  1. When checking out on your store, your customers can select a pickup location and a pickup time slot (if the appointment is enabled).
  2. After you verify the availability of the pickup items, you prepare the order and update the order status to Ready For Pickup and send a notification to the customer that the order is ready.
  3. The pickup instructions for the location will display on the order received page, view order page and will be included in the email notification.
  4. When a customer comes to get their order, you need to change the order status within WooCommerce from Ready For Pickup to Picked Up.
  5. You can optionally send a picked up notification to your customers or use the pickup up status for marketing automations.