Customer Verification for WooCommerce

The Customer Email verification plugin will send verification code and link to the email address which the customers registered to their account.

How it works?

  1. Customer registers to an account on your store (my-account).
  2. Customer account is created and the account is flagged as “unverified email”.
  3. Verification code and a link to Verify his email address are sent to the customer email address (in the New Account Email or in a separate email).
  4. The customer will receive a popup that blocks the my-account area to enter the verification code.
  5. Once the customers enter their verification code or click on the verification link, they will be redirected to the account dashboard and their account will be flagged as “verified email”.

You can decide if you want to let your customers login to their accounts after registration before they verify the email address or to require them to verify their email address before they can use their account.

if the customers did not verify their email address, they will not be able to login to their account and will be directed to a verification page to enter the code that they received in the verification email. at this point they would be able to resend the verification email.

Note: The plugin will not send the verification email to these customers. customers who register with social accounts plugin or if the customer registers during checkout.