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Country Based Restrictions for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to restrict products on WooCommerce shop to sell (or not) on specific countries, using WooCommerce Geolocation.


The Country Based Restriction plugin (CBR) determines the customers country by a few rules with priority:

  1. Customer shipping address – if this is a returning customer (logged-in) the address will be taken from his WooCommerce account
  2. WooCommerce GeoLocation – if a shipping country is not set for the customer, the plugin will use the WooCommerce Geolocation to detect the shipping country.

If the customer changed the shipping country during checkout, products in their cart that are restricted for the new shipping country will be removed from the cart and a message will display.

You can choose the restricted products visibility rules, hide the restricted products completely, hide them from the catalog but accessed by direct link, or keep restricted products visible on the catalog but non purchasable.

To set a country restriction rule to a product, enter the edit product screen, navigate to the CBR settings tab on the WooCommerce product data panel, select the restriction rule and the countries to restrict.

Country Based Restrictions Pro

Set the restriction rules in bulk by the product category ,tag, attribute and shipping class, or upload the restriction rules with CSV file.


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