The AliExpress Dropshipping Ali2Woo plugin, lets you import products from AliExpress and export your orders to be fulfilled on AliExpress automatically.

The Ali2Woo tracking integration will help you avoid the manual the copy & paste of the tracking information that added by Ali2Woo to the order note into the shipment tracking order meta fields and automatically add the tracking information to AST’s shipment tracking order meta when your orders are shipped on AliExpress.

The add-on does not require any settings, it will automatically sync the tracking information from the AliExpress Dropshipping Ali2Woo plugin to the shipment tracking order meta and the Shipped (Completed) order status email will include the tracking information.

To enable the Ali2Woo Tracking Integration navigate to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations and Enable the integration:


Map the Shipping Providers

Map the shipping providers if AliExpress Dropshipping sends a different shipping provider name than the AST predefined shipping provider you can add API Name in AST Shipping provider list.

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