3PLWinner allows you to print shipping labels for your WooCommerce orders. 3PLWinner integration allows you to save time on manually copy & paste the tracking numbers from 3PLWinner to the Shipment Tracking and will automate your fulfillment workflow.

Once you generate a shipping label with 3PLWinner, we will automatically sync the tracking information to the shipment tracking order meta, the order status will update to Shipped (Completed) and the tracking information will be added to the email notification that is sent to your customers.

For enable the 3PLWinner integration navigate to WooCommerce > Shipment Tracking > Integrations and Enable the 3PLWinner Integrations.


Map the Shipping Providers

Map the shipping providers if 3PLWinner sends a different shipping provider name than the AST predefined shipping provider you can add API Name in the AST Shipping provider list.

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