• Enhancement – Improve the UI of Tracking Per Item display in order status emails
  • Enhancement – Add Tracking Per Item details in admin order details page line item
  • Enhancement – Remove preview order option from tracking info and order status email customizer and set default dummy data
  • Dev – Added Dianxiaomi Integration
  • Dev – Added Printify Integration
  • Dev – Added CartRover Integration
  • Dev – Added Picqer Integration
  • Dev – Added Ali2Woo Integration
  • Dev – Improve Autodetector and added support for Shipa
  • Dev – Added ‘woocommerce_email_order_meta’ hook in custom order status and completed order status email templates
  • Dev – Added hook for Downloadable products in AST PRO Completed template
  • Dev – Optimize CSS
  • Fix – When the Completed email is removed in the display still tracking widget is showing on the Completed email


  • Dev – Removed the ‘manage_woocommerce’ capability when add tracking to orders
  • Dev – Order is already marked shipped and there’s existing tracking, and adding new tracking – that new tracking automatically send to TrackShip
  • Dev – Added hook in completed and shipped order status email for downloadable products
  • Fix – fixed Shipped Date date picker issue on add tracking info lightbox in order details page


  • Dev – Improve code security


  • Fix – Fixed CSV Import issue with a large number of data in CSV
  • Fix – Fix email content line break issue in Completed, Shipped, and Partially Shipped Email
  • Enhancement – Add Preview: Track Shipments link in Add Tracking Info Lightbox
  • Enhancement – Added an option to default check Mark Order as Shipped(Completed) When Add Tracking to orders


  • Enhancement – Updated design og Integration settings page
  • Dev – Added integration with Ordoro
  • Dev – Added integration with Dear Systems
  • Dev – Improved the code security
  • Dev – Updated translations file and added new languages
  • Enhancement – Added Time to Fulfill value in Fulfillment dashboard
  • Dev – Exclude Local Pickup orders from Fulfillment dashboard


  • Fix – Fixed issue with Tracking Per Item display on order details page when variation product in order


  • Fix – Fixed issue with CSV Import


  • Fix – Fixed add tracking not working on the edit order page
  • Fix – Fixed search shipping providers not working
  • Fix – Fixed issue with ReadyToShip Integration


  • Fix – Fixed issue with fulfillment dashboard with Time to Fulfill widget


  • Dev – Standalone PRO version – the pro version will deactivate the free version, you do not need both plugins anymore.
  • Enhancement – Add “Hide the shipping date” option to the tracking info widget customizer
  • Enhancement – Improved UI/UX in the tracking info widget display in the customizer (one column, font size, image alignment)
  • Enhancement – Custom Completed Order Status Email Template with email Customizer
  • Enhancement – Updated design of settings page
  • Enhancement – Added fulfillment dashboard
  • Enhancement – Added PayPal Tracking functionality


  • Dev – Added REST API endpoint
  • Dev – Optimized the shipping provider autodetection functionality
  • Dev – Updated text domain in fluid tracking info template
  • Fix – Fixed fluid tracking info template issue on shipment status customizer


  • Enhancement – Updated design of TPI display under order meta display in order details page
  • Enhancement – Optimized the shipping provider autodetection functionality
  • Fix – Fixed fluid tracking info display for 1 column layout


  • Enhancement – Added option for Enable/Disable Auto detection of Shipping Provider
  • Enhancement – Added option for Reassign Shipped order status on plugin deactivate
  • Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 5.2.0
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Shipping items Heading not working in custom order status email customizer


  • Enhancement – Make tracking info widget compatible in outlook
  • Fix – On My Account order details page do not open tracking lightbox if not connected to TrackShip


  • Enhancement – Added integrations with UPS Shipping Plugin (PluginHive), QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko), Ali2Woo, WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications, and WC – APG SMS Notifications
  • Fix – Fixed Shipped order status email sent twice
  • Fix – Fixed Variation product issue when add tracking info with TPI through CSV/API


  • Enhancement – Added option to display shipping provider image in Tracking info display customizer
  • Enhancement – By default enable Integration option if relevant plugin is install
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Custom shipped order status is not change when add tracking information mark as shipped
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Custom shipped status, disabled shipped status if Rename the “Completed” Order status label to “Shipped” is enabled
  • Fix – Added tracking widget header in the fluid tracking info display


  • Launch it!